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Antique Gas Engine Discussion Meet collectors of hit and miss engines, ask questions about collecting, restoring and showing antique flywheel engines.

Antique Gas Engine Discussion

Electrolysis idea

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Old 04-12-2005, 12:57:02 PM
Neill Neill is offline
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Default Electrolysis idea

I was over at my grandfathers house and I told him about how to clean parts with electricity. So we set it up on an old pipe cutter. I put the battery charger on and I didn't get any amps on the meter the parts weren’t even starting to bubble. So my grandfather grabbed a 12volt battery and hooked that up right in the circuit and we got about five amps on the gauge, and the parts finally started to bubble a little. We let it set over night and in the morning there was a pile of that heaping rusty goo on top. The part cleaned up really nice. Just wondering if any of you had tried using a battery when using the Electrolysis cleaning method?
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Old 04-12-2005, 01:28:17 PM
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Tom Winland Tom Winland is offline
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Default Re: Electrolysis idea

I have used a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery in the circuit with a charger before when doing large parts to help the charger out because the vat I was using would draw so many amps that it made the charger get pretty hot.

Tom Winland
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Old 04-12-2005, 05:40:34 PM
KidDynamo KidDynamo is offline
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Default Re: Electrolysis idea

You may have encountered one of the "new" fangled chargers that won't charge without some feedback voltage. I was going to call them a dumb-ask charger but maybe I'm overlooking something.

I first saw one of these chargers when a pal ran his battery flat, bought a brand new charger to get going only to find that it wouldn't charge a stone cold dead battery. I had to go down there and get him charged up. Boy, was he steamed!! Now if that isn't dumb, please tell me why.

Forearmed with this knowledge, I was at a yard sale where there were three 24volt battery chargers for sale. I copped a deal and got all three for 15 bucks total. Glad I did, because two of them need a battery with a little voltage or they have zero output. The third one doesn't need this so it is the one I now use for my electrolysis operation. I certainly didn't want to put a 24volt battery together just for electrolysis. What a pain in the u no what.

You may have encountered this type of charger, too.
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Old 04-12-2005, 07:05:50 PM
Kevin O. Pulver Kevin O. Pulver is offline
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Default Re: Electrolysis idea

I too found that my Dad's two wheel shop charger would put out a lot more with a battery in the circuit. I'm sure it's some sort of fancy circuitry to do some good, but I could see it cause problems like the Kid said. Kevin
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Old 04-13-2005, 09:39:28 AM
Orrin Orrin is offline
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Default Re: Electrolysis idea

Whenever I can't get the electrolysis setup to draw current, the first thing I check is the connection to the rusty part. Rust does not make a good electrical connection. It is often necessary to use a file or emery cloth to clean off the corrosion.


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