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Antique Gas Engine Discussion Meet collectors of hit and miss engines, ask questions about collecting, restoring and showing antique flywheel engines.

Antique Gas Engine Discussion

Cylinder Reboring/Sleeving?

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Old 08-01-2005, 10:17:30 PM
Matthew Arold
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Default Cylinder Reboring/Sleeving?

I have a 2 1/2 hp Empire finally gave up the fight with compression and will not run. The bore is severely pitted which makes me think that rings and honing will not work. I have heard a few people mention boring and sleeving in their restorations and was wondering if this could be an option for me.
Any info such as price, who is good for this service in the Northeast, or even cheaper alternatives would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Harry!
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Old 08-02-2005, 07:03:21 AM
Chris Kirk Chris Kirk is offline
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Default Re: Cylinder Reboring/Sleeving?

Matthew - I'm sure a lot of folks a lot more qualified than me will chime about solutions with rings, the bore, etc, but if you must have the engine bored and sleeved, Nizen Auto Parts in New Haven, CT specializes in antique engine restoration and machine work. I told the guy that I had a hit/miss engine, and he DIDN'T give me a blank stare, which was a first. Their number is listed on Good luck.

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Old 08-02-2005, 11:35:28 AM
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PistonRing PistonRing is offline
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Default Re: Cylinder Reboring/Sleeving?

Hi Matt-
I take it that you haven't done any more than take it apart so far. Did you check the side clearance on the ring to the ring grooves yet? This is the first thing to do before calling the rebore man. 1-5 thou is OK and 6 or more thou means a trip to the lathe for the piston. I have had guys call with resleeved bores that still had no compression until they fixed the side clearance in the ring grooves. A shot with a sandblaster will remove the rust fast. You can put JB Weld in the bore to fill in the pits. Cook the block to 300-400 degrees F first to cook out the oil and water and then use an old ring to push the JB thru the hole. Hone, wash and assemble.
Another solution is to build the piston skirt up with brazing and machine it to fit the oversized bore opened up with the hone or boring bar. When going this route be sure to call around for piston ring availability before making the hole bigger to save the extra cost and the wait for custom made rings. It is better to go to a stock size and keep things simple.
If the ring grooves are not worn you might try just a new set of rings and run it to see what happens before spending dollars on machine work. If it doesn't work then you aren't out much. First check the end gap on your old rings. If they are relatively tight (20-40 thou) then just new rings probably won't help much. If the old rings have a bigger gap then you might benefit from their replacement.
Thank you,
Dave Reed
Otto Gas Engine Works
2167 Blue Ball Road
Elkton MD 21921-3330
phone 410-398-7340
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Old 08-02-2005, 03:55:19 PM
Al Wait Al Wait is offline
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Default Re: Cylinder Reboring/Sleeving?

I have had a cylinder for a 3 HP Associated and one for a Dunn marine engine sleeved at Sanel Auto Parts in Concord, NH. The Associated cost $153, and the Dunn was $157. Each engine will be a different case, as it depends upon the set-up that is needed and the size of the sleeve. They also recently sleeved a steam engine cylinder. Call 603-225-4100, and ask for Barry in the machine shop. As someone else said, place one of the old rings at the rear of the cylinder and check the end gap; also the side clearance of the rings in the piston. Al Wait
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Old 08-02-2005, 07:43:08 PM
Matthew Arold
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Default Re: Cylinder Reboring/Sleeving?

I have not torn the engine apart yet but will be on the weekend. I unfortunately do not have access to a machine shop otherwise I could do it myself. A machine shop is kind of a tough thing to go without in this hobby, so I have to use my wallet to make up for it.
I think that I am going to take some measurements and figure out what exactly I need and am not totally clueless. Then go and check with the people that you guys suggested.
Thanks for your help!
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