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Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have about SmokStak®.


What's this all about?

SmokStak® is a place to post questions and get answers about OLD IRON, gas engines, hot air engines, Diesels and steam engines and the related things that make them run or that they run. Also, news events and stories about the hobby of collecting, restoring and showing these old engines and tractors. Over the years, SmokStak® has grown by adding other bulletin board subjects such as old motors and generators, steam and traction engines and old lug wheel tractors. There is a place here for just about anything you might see at an engine and tractor show.

Reading these pages here on the web as a "Guest" or posting messages as a "Registered" user is open and free of charge, however, with a paid subscription, your user account is changed from "Registered" to "Subscriber" on our system. This will allow you to subscribe to threads, see less commercial advertising, edit your posts for 24 hours after posting, have 20 times more photo attachment space and additional private message space. Send a check for $20.00 to: Harry Matthews, P.O. Box 5612, Sarasota, FL 34277 or click the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. Please put your SmokStak handle and SmokStak email address in the message so we will know which account to change.

What kind of posts are allowed here?

Please be aware that this forum is not about your forum or other similar forums and spam linking to other forums, classified ad sites or home pages will not be tolerated.

This is an antique engine and old iron web site of, by and for old engine collectors and restorers! Discussion on old engine driven items, such as generators, saw mills, shingle mills, grist mills, pumps, corn shellers, line shafts, hoists, ice cream freezers, stone crushers, cement mixers, Baker fans, (and just about anything you've seen belted up at an engine show) are all welcome topics here. Please post on the appropriate board for your topic.

There are already Classified Ad pages and Business Cards set up for personal and commercial advertising, so SmokStak is NOT the place for buying and selling. It is, however, a place for the "info wanted" type of question and this is encouraged here. Also, long term pleas for parts missing from that special restoration project are welcome too. If it's a short term need, put a "wanted" ad on EnginAds. If it's an eBay item, post it on our Auction board. No FOR SALE ADS allowed on SmokStak Posts!

You are welcome to post your club's shows, swap meets or other public events on our Event Calendar at no charge. Also, any auction that includes old engines or antique tractors, which is open to the public. These calendar posts are moderated for content and will be placed on line in a day or so. If you have a really big event, please consider ordering a banner ad to advertise your show or auction and gain more attention and participants.

If your thread conversation is about current events and you want to add material from a news media source, please adhere to copyright law (fair use) when doing so. It is usually safer to simply provide a short quote and a web link to the source's web page so our readers can check it out there.

I took some pleasure in creating the "Blow Smoke - Shoot Flames - Exhaust Gas" tag for our board, however this does not justify individuals to insult or attack one another. My intentions were that we could discuss engines, shows, tools, shop practice and yes, even insurance, BUT in a civil manner. On the other hand, constructive critisicm can be our best teacher. I can, should and do have a life and therefore, I cannot read, let alone test for your feelings, the content of each and every post that comes in. Off Topic - Smoke, Flames, and Gas is now a Subscriber board.

Why do I need a password?

Registering is free of charge and is required to secure your user name and password for posting messages and you will also gain "extra" site privileges. Write your passwords down! The email address has to be your current and valid address that is open and ready to receive email from SmokStak. You can either leave the profile page empty or tell everyone about yourself and upload a photo! If you are shy about the page's content, leave it empty, except that we do require your City, State and Country. The information you input will be accessible from any posts you make here on the boards. All user names are unique, so once you've registered in your own name, no one else will be able to post messages or send email under your name! See the Site Help page for more information.

In a way, I apologize for all the password stuff and automation and in a way, I don't. The world of the internet has changed in the past ten years and don't you think for one minute that there isn't someone out there that wouldn't just love to get at your passwords or otherwise break into our server. I spend a lot of time trying to keep out the fraud, spam, and other illegitimate crap. You can help by spending a few minutes coping with the registration system.

Where are the e-mail addresses?

If you've been on the internet for a while, you know that there is a group of low-life out there that are ready, willing and able to flood your mailbox with huge piles of crap from the sewer of life. They get email addresses from web pages and then proceed to take their daily dump of these so-called advertisements.

At this time, we are operating a hidden email system. You click on a User Name and we offer you a form to enter your name, email address and a message to the person who made the post. You must be logged in to send the email. (No one else can send mail under your name without knowing your password.)

Your identity is sent along with these emails in the form of an IP number that your ISP assigned to you. In the event of abusive use of this system, this number along with the logged date/time information will trace back to you. This is done to prevent junk mail from flowing through this system. If you are in receipt of junk mail through the SmokStak system, let me know and countermeasures will be taken.

If you expose an email address or phone number openly in your posts, profile page or signature, you do so at your own peril!

Why didn't my post show up?

Some posts are Moderated and if so, they will show as soon as they have been reviewed. Your post may have been removed or moved to a more appropriate forum on the site, such as the Gallery or the Test forum, or others. To look for all your posts, enter your user name in the "search by user name" box and click Search Now on the ADVANCED SEARCH page.

Although the administrators and moderators of SmokStak and EnginAds attempt to keep all objectionable messages off these forums, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of SmokStak or EnginAds will not be held responsible for the content of any ad or message. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. The owners of SmokStak or EnginAds reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any ad or thread for any reason.

What are my responsibilities?

People using this bulletin board for posting must take full responsibility for their message contents. People using this board as a source of information must understand that they are using it at their own risk. I will not accept any responsibility for and will not be liable to any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this Board's information. I also reserve the right to terminate any of this Board's services any time without prior notice.


Registrants must be age 13 or older. Subscribers must be age 18 or older.

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