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  1. Old Manure Spreader, new toy today.
  2. Horse Drawn Potato Planter
  3. Daisy Walking Plow (Info)
  4. Domestic horse drawn wagon?
  5. Classified Advertising
  6. Horse drawn hearse?
  7. International horse drawn manure speader.
  8. Carriage Lamps
  9. 1901 McCormick Daisy reaper
  10. Horse Power Drive
  11. Draft horse farmers?
  12. Length of tongue on horse drawn wagon or engine
  13. Two horse wagon almost finished
  14. Horse-Powered Hercules Stump Puller
  15. Info needed on this Lime Spreader
  16. Horse Drawn Potato Digger
  17. Syracuse plow colors
  18. Horse drawn equipment forum?
  19. Looking for pics of a potato picker..
  20. Horse Drawn Potato Planters
  21. Salesman Six Horse Hitch
  22. Picture of my steam engine pulled by horses
  23. Adding some OXEN to the board
  24. Wagon rides at our club show.
  25. I would like to get this planter
  26. Is there a wagon guru in the house?
  27. Horse Drawn Road Buliding Equipment
  28. Wooden Moldboard Plow
  29. Cockshutt Manure Spreaders (Info Wanted)
  30. No. 10 Vulcan Plow
  31. potato machinery
  32. Frost and Wood mower info needed
  33. Spring on the Farm at Grand Marsh, Wisconsin
  34. Shining things up in the good earth
  35. good time
  36. Avery sulky plow
  37. What in the world is this?
  38. Van Brunt Grain Drill Wood Tongue
  39. Can someone help me ID this plow?
  40. Help with Economy engine cart
  41. I need your wise counsel on a hay mower
  42. Worcester Hay Rake Needs Wheels
  43. Horse Power Wanted
  44. Horse Treadmill wanted new or used
  45. IH HD corn planter, pre-fertilizer feed
  46. Tractor Adapter
  47. Minnesota grain binder
  48. McCormick Deering Walking Plow V302B
  49. Van Brunt Six Foot Drill
  50. Pitman for Case Grain Binder
  51. McCormick Deering Binder Parts
  52. What the proper name for these? Horsedrawn Bobsled Stuff
  53. Advice on IHC horse powered hay baler
  54. Horses and Horse Powered Equipment Featured
  55. While I'm here please help!
  56. Single Plows
  57. Kemp Manure Spreader
  58. Van Brunt Plain High Wheel Drills Free Manual
  59. Trying to determine value
  60. Anyone know how old this type of seeder is??
  61. Looking for a mechanic, wheelwright, or collector of antique farm vehicles.
  62. 1918 Watson Wagon Bottom Dump Wagon
  63. Monitor beet drill
  64. Deere & Mansur info
  65. Have you ever seen a seeder like this one?
  66. Corn Cutter
  67. Empire Agricultural Works/S.S. Messinger & Sons 1800's LIME SPREADER ON STEEL WHEELS
  68. Horse Drawn Equipment Catalog 1899
  69. Russell horse drawn advice needed
  70. Help dating plows
  71. 1897 John Deere Buggy
  72. Bundle carrier for IHC corn binder
  73. One Horsepower Light Plant
  74. Oil for old leather harness?
  75. Spring on the farm
  76. Hay Loaders for Loose Hay
  77. Demand for collectible horse equipment?
  78. What is it? Thomas MFG Crown
  79. Bobsled Runner Jig
  80. Unusual Horse Mower
  81. Need info on McCormick binder.
  82. McCormick-Deering Binder lettering size
  83. Case #5 Horse Mower
  84. Spring on the farm
  85. Cast Grain Drill Ends
  86. Manure Spreader Identification
  87. Sleigh bells ring...
  88. Manure Spreader Identification
  89. HELP! Buckboard Wagon identification
  90. Swenson Malleable Grubber (stump puller)
  91. JD Sulky Plow
  92. Cole Mfg Grain Drill wood box
  93. Spring on the farm April 24th
  94. Horse Equip Illinois Auction
  95. Planet Jr Cultivators and Seeders
  96. web site spring on the farm
  97. Looking for JD VB Grain Drill parts
  98. Widman or El Paso Cultivators (00s'-Teens??)
  99. John Deere Big 4 mower brackets
  100. Champion Forced Fertilizer Drill
  101. Elevator for horse-drawn wheat head...
  102. SELLE Gear co. w/ box at sale the 17th
  103. 1915 +- MF corn binder
  104. Mule Horse Hay Press
  105. Cook cars from Montana threshing days
  106. Horse Drawn Cultivator
  107. IHC Corn binder
  108. Stearns Mfg. potato digger, Decauter, Ill.
  109. Planet Junior seeder planter #5
  110. Small leaning wheel grader wanted
  111. OK Champion No. 22 Potato Planter
  112. Horse Drawn Equipment Shows
  113. Cockshutt Horse Mower tool box lid
  114. Calgary Stampede road building display
  115. Best way to paint galvanized?
  116. Where to get Hard Rock Maple?
  117. John Deere Big #4 mower
  118. Please help with horse drawn wagon
  119. Oliver horse drawn plow identification
  120. Help! Not sure about manufacturer of wagon cart
  121. Need Help finding Brakes for Manure Spreader
  122. Adams road grader #4 1904
  123. Identification for vintage potato digger
  124. P & O Lister Cultivator "Go Devil"
  125. Lynchburg Plow
  126. Corn binder tongue length
  127. Steel wheeled wagon
  128. unidentified stationary baler
  129. Horse-Drawn Gundlach Grain Drill
  130. Hay Trolley? - Help With Lifting Stuff
  131. Dain Corn Cutter
  132. Horse drawn, 2 row, 8 disc, planter, is it a John Deere?
  133. Northwest Antique Power Association 2010
  134. Horse Drawn "Standard Oil" Fuel wagon on auction.
  135. How to tell IH reapers apart?
  136. HORSE Powered Thrashing
  137. Help with horse drawn implements please.
  138. Arena, WI plow day
  139. JD 268 Plow Manual
  140. How to tell Van Brunts apart?
  141. Horse drawn cultivator
  142. 7ft IH Binder hitch and apron questions
  143. Plow identification needed
  144. Unknown Corn Planter
  145. Lost Category (Horse Drawn Steam Pumpers)
  146. Stoughton manure spreader
  147. Moline Plow Co Planter
  148. Auction Success... Conestoga Iron
  149. Buford & Tate or B.D. Buford & Co. history
  150. One Row Corn Planter Value
  151. What are these?
  152. 1885 Avery Plow Questions, Etc.
  153. Can someone ID this plow?
  154. Who made this - horse drawn grader
  155. McCormick corn binder
  156. Keystone Horse Mower
  157. Looking for info for a Spencer's Hercules Box Press
  158. My Yard Ornaments
  159. 1940 IH Manure Spreader Parts Needed
  160. Sleigh bells ring...
  161. Bob Sled Oddity? One Piece Cast Iron Runner & Knees
  162. Color for Farquhar corn planter
  163. Avery Corn Planter
  164. What kind of spreader is this?
  165. Please Help ID this iron artifact / archaeology
  166. Horse drawn snow plow? Manure spreader?
  167. Shingle Cutter..Saw Mill..WANTED
  168. Wanted Horse drawn Manure Spreader and a Hay Baler
  169. When We Farmed With Horses
  170. Good movie on the Amish
  171. Massey Harris and Cockshutt binders
  172. Oliver 2-way
  173. John Deere Buggy
  174. Horse Wreck
  175. Help me identify some steel wheels
  176. CIH disc
  177. McCormick 102 Planter Plates
  178. Help Needed to ID this Drill
  179. Help identify this plow...
  180. Reaper info wanted
  181. Horse Drawn Snow Roller
  182. Horse & Equipment sale
  183. Have old John Deere plow, where are all you old plow experts?
  184. Rare Air Compressor
  185. Oliver disc harrow problem
  186. John Deere sorghum press
  187. Buford Implements seats?
  188. Eureka Mower Co. Utica NY (questions)
  189. Horse Drawn Line Shaft Power
  190. Need help on old Cotton Planter - pics attached
  191. 75 IH AA Potato Planter
  192. Hay Rake
  193. New one here and need info on plow
  194. Planet Jr. planter
  195. Avery Corn Cutter
  196. unknown drill seeder
  197. need road grader wheels
  198. Case Binder Oil Can Holder?
  199. Potato Planter & Digger
  200. Makeing a hay rack useing JD thresher wheels running gear.
  201. Horsedrawn plow no markings that i can find
  202. Gravel wagon? not sure?
  203. age of wagon? steel wheels & wood frame
  204. horse drawn small seed planter
  205. is this Potato Planter a John Deere?
  206. Guano Distributor
  207. Co-op/Cockshutt National Farm Machinery Horse Mower
  208. McCormick-Deering #415 Sod plow
  209. Cast Iron Avery Logo
  210. John Deere two way plow
  211. How to ID Massey Harris binders
  212. My restored New Idea Manure Spreader
  213. Rock Island Plow / Seeder
  214. Any Ideas as to Maker of this Old Plow?
  215. Paint colors
  216. 1 row horse drawn planter
  217. Rake,Mower,and wagon HELP identify brands
  218. John Deere Dain Sickle Mower
  219. Wondering, how many are using horses or teams?
  220. john deere walking plow
  221. To sell or not
  222. 2 row Avery horse drawn planter
  223. 2 row Avery horse drawn planter
  224. Reapers at Baraboo show
  225. Buggy
  226. Studebaker Dump Wagon
  227. Horse Drawn Doctors Buggy
  228. John Deere Grain Binder Colors
  229. IH grainbinder bundle carrier help
  230. Horse Pull at Alexander Steam Show 9/8/11
  231. JD mystery part
  232. Is this a lift or drive unit?
  233. IHC corn binder
  234. Does anyone know what an IHC #9 sickle mower is worth?
  235. identify planter
  236. Fitch Wagon Gear ruler
  237. Hay Press Maker
  238. Does anyone know what brand this digger is?
  239. My first check row planter-help?
  240. Pooling our paint color info?
  241. Anyone seen a JD open gear reduction for hit and miss?
  242. John Deere paint...
  243. Oil Well Pulling Machines
  244. Cable weeder
  245. Wagon part
  246. Dumping Box for Farm Wagon
  247. Hitching Post?
  248. Flat chain
  249. Implement books
  250. John Deere Dain Sickle Mower

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