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Forks, WA - The Ted Spoelstra Collection Auction
Calendar Events: Shows - Swap Meets - Antique Auctions
07-21-2017 to 07-23-2017 07:00:00 PM to 07:00:00 PM
The Ted Spoelstra Collection

Fantastic Online Only Auction with Three Catalogs Full of Items!

Auctions close on July 21st, 22nd, and 23rd @ 6pm CENTRAL!

Just A Small Portion Of The Items Are Listed! Check out our website for more!


Rumely 15-30 F nice work clothes tractor

Waterloo Boy Model N - Chain steering

Rumely 20-40 G super nice original, great gearing

Rumely 25-45 older repaint

John Deere GP Wide Tread Sn. 405227, top steer

John Deere Spoke Flywheel D Sn. 33482, 26 flywheel

Bates Steel Mule 35 Sn. 35006, original condition

Hart Parr 18-36 original condition

Case Model 15-27 Sn. 5512, repainted; Euclid C-6 Dozer; Euclid Terex Dozer; John Deere Styled D Sn. 132160; John Deere Styled L belly mower; John Deere Unstyled L; 1930 Caterpillar R2; Fordson - has Trackson conversion; Heider 9-16 D Parts tractor; John Deere BO Lindeman; Holt-Caterpillar; Cletrac Model K; John Deere 70 Diesel; John Deere 830 Diesel electric start; Minneapolis Moline UTS Sn. 01249018435; John Deere BO Sn. 326128; John Deere AOS Sn. 1541; IH WD-9 Standard Sn. DC5434712R; IH Farmall MD Sn. 248481; IH Farmall F-20 Sn. 113522; Allis Chalmers Model G Sn. 10877; Simpson Jumbo Sn. F1626238; 1953 Ford NAA Golden Jubilee used as a mower; John Deere BO Sn. 328186; John Deere Styled D Sn. 145381; Samson Model M Ford conversion V8 with crane; John Deere Styled L - missing tag; John Deere LA Sn. 1450, belly mower; John Deere BO Lindeman crawler; Hart Parr 18-28 Sn. 801798, full steel wheels; John Deere BO Lineman crawler Sn. 329756, no tracks; John Deere AR Sn. 250140, stuck; John Deere BO Sn. 325200, straight metal; John Deere BO Lindeman Crawler Sn. 336253; (3) Fordson Model F tractors; Allis Chalmers G Sn. 21545, cultivator mounts; Clectrac Model AG Sn. 18226; Case Model R; John Deere Styled L Sn. 641767; John Deere Unstyled D Sn. 124007, rear extensions; John Deere GP Sn. 230083, on steel; John Deere D Sn. 147110, on rubber; Caterpillar D2 Sn. 5U392, blade; John Deere Styled L Sn. 631884, sickle mower; McCormick-Deering 15-30 Sn. 1G63029, on steel; John Deere GP Sn. 214587, parts tractor; John Deere D parts tractor; John Deere GP Sn. 224956, parts tractor; IH Farmall F-12 single front; Massey Ferguson 165 Sn. SDW643007906; Gibson Model D modern Vanguard engine; John Deere Styled A Sn. 61361, wide front; Fordson Model F on rubber; Fordson F on steel; (2) Model T Doodlebug tractors; John Deere GP- Sn. 204024; Case VAC Sn. 4927692, original; John Deere Styled D missing tag; Caterpillar Best 60 with blade; Centaur Tractor Industrial conversion;


1907 International Havester High Wheeler - Air cooled

1927 Ford Model T Sedan- Sn. 14348705, restored exterior

1923 Lincoln V8 Sedan- Sn. 11275, older restoration

1920 Ford Model T Touring - Sn. 4024082, Ruxtel rear end, Frontenac head

1929 Ford Model A Coupe - Restored, rumble seat

Ford Model A Doodlebug

1944 Ford Jeep with Wooden Cab- Vin. 198793

Mercedes 190D Diesel Sedan- Shows 50k miles

1953 Kenworth Model WD 585 AC Dump Truck- Vin. 62515

Dodge Brush Fire Truck

1951 Federal 5 Ton Naval Supply Truck

Ford Model T Truck

1932 Ford Truck with Tanker Body

1924 Ford Model T Truck

1926 Mack AB- Vin. 576479, solid rubber tires

1918 White Truck- Solid rubber tires

1918 Mack AB- 4 cylinder engine, solid rubber tires

Dodge Military Power Wagon

Willys-Knight Truck- Chassis 876, 6 cylinder

1928 Mack AK Shovel Nose Truck- Vin. 681347

1916 Mack AB Chain Drive

1918 GMC Truck- Solid rubber tires


Christianson 5hp Side Shaft Engine - Sn. 6695, nice original engine, previously a winch engine

Stickney 3hp Engine - Sn. 10574, super nice original

Termat & Monahan 8hp Engine - Sn. D6023, nice original

Schramm Domestic Air Compressor Engine - Sn. 12950, 2 cylinder, restored Simplicity 10hp Engine - Sn. CE4230, Restored, On cart

Aeromotor 2.5hp Fluted Hopper Engine repainted engine

Armstrong 8hp Engine - Sn. 2044, restored

Cushman 20hp Model 77 Engine- Sn. 12710, 2 cylinder

Fairbanks 10hp Engine- Sn. 699363

Hercules 8hp Engine - Sn. 340701

Superior 25hp Oil Field Engine- Mounted on trailer

1918 Liberty 12 Cylinder Aircraft Engine - Douglas B-4 engine; Aeromotor 8 Cycle Engine-; Aeromotor 8 Cycle Engine- Sn. 721R, Mounted pump; Associated 1.5hp Engine- Sn. 257577; Associated 6hp Engine - Sn. 608691; Atlas Bucyrus Erie 4 Cylinder Engine - Large engine built in Oakland, CA; Briggs Model FH-; Caterpillar 1300 Diesel Engine; Cushman 3hp Cub Model R20- Sn. A125248; Cushman 4hp Cub R30- Sn. 92346; Cushman 4hp Model C Engine- Sn. 41011; Cushman Cub with Hardie Pump-; De Laval 1.5hp- Sn. 50346; Delco 1 cylinder Light Plant; Delco 4 Cylinder Light Plant; Delco 4 cylinder light plant; Dempster 6hp Engine- Sn. 1056; East Hope 10hp - Sn. WA4999; East Hope Stump Puller - Neat all original with Stover CT-2 engine; Economy 1.5hp Engine- Sn. 4450, spark plug; Economy 1.75 Engine- Sn. 360393; Economy 1.75hp Engine - Sn. 327211; Economy 2hp Engine- Sn. 145695; Economy 2hp Engine- Sn. 4450; Economy 2hp Sparta- Sn. 34223; Economy 4hp Engine- Sn. 24217; Economy 7hp Engine - Sn. 88633; Edwards Motor Co Engine - 2 cylinder; Edwards Motor Co Engine - Sn. 20907, 2 cylinder; Fairbanks 1.5hp Z; Fairbanks 1hp Eclipse Engine- Sn. A9667?; Fairbanks 3hp Z Model C- Sn. 840911; Fairbanks 3hp Z Model C-; Fairbanks 6hp Z Engine; Fairbanks Morse 4hp- Vertical; Fairchild 6 Cylinder Aircraft Engine; Fairmont Rail Road Speeder Engine; Fairbanks 1.5hp Z- Sn. 207997, headless; Fairbanks 2hp Z Engine-; Fairbanks 2hp Z Engine- Sn. 600932, solid flywheel; Fairbanks 3hp Z- Sn. 186880; Fairbanks 3hp Z - Sn. 90206, style C; Fairbanks 6hp Z - Sn. 579796, tank cooled; Fairbanks Z - Project engine; Fairbanks Z 1.5hp Engine- Sn. 298904; Gade 3/4hp Engine - Air cooled; Galloway 2.25hp Engine - Sn. 1545; Hercules 1.5hp Engine- Sn. 216243; Hercules 1.5hp Engine- Wico magneto; Hercules 3hp E Engine - Sn. 244771; Hercules 5hp Engine- Sn. 153153; Ingeco 2.5hp Engine - Sn. 6586; International 1.5-2.5 LB- Sn. 115658; International 1.5-2.5 LB- Sn. 104729; International 1.5hp LB-; International 1.75hp Mogul - Sn. Y2290; International 1hp Famous; International 25hp Base with Cylinder; International 3-5hp LB- Sn. 40439; International 3-5hp LB-; International Tom Thumb- Project engine; John Deere 1.5hp E - Sn. 358107; John Deere 1.5hp E - Sn. 268007; Julien 4hp Engine- Sn. 16885, restored; LeRoy MH3 2 Cylinder Engine; Liberty 12 Cylinder Aircraft Engine - Tank engine; Little Wonder 2hp Engine - Sn. 116315; Maytag 2 cylinder Model-; Maytag Model 92; Maytag Model 92; McCormick-Deering 3hp M - Spark plug; McCormick-Deering 3hp M; Mercedes 1KW Generator - Diesel; Monitor 1.25hp Engine - Sn. 35403; Nelson Brother Jumbo 4.5hp- Sn. 1009; New Way 1.5hp Engine; New Way 2.5hp Jewel Engine - Sn. 1729, air cooled; New Way 3.5hp Model A Engine - Sn. 10266; Novo 1.5hp Engine- Sn. 32096; Novo 4hp Engine- Sn. 98000; Onan 5k Watt Electric Plant - Model WC4-7.5S; Ottawa Log Saw Engine - Sn. C22994; Ranger Aviation Engine - Sn. 6-440C-5, from a wreck; Rex Cement Mixer with LeRoy Engine - 2 cylinder engine; Roseberry Engine 6hp- Sn. C62020; Ruston Hornsby 15hp Engine - Sn. 136026, diesel; Sandow 4hp- Project engine; Sandwich 1.5hp Engine- Sn. 32226; Sandwich 2.5hp Engine- Solid flywheel; Sattley 5hp- Sn. 711; Smith Motor Wheel - For bicycle; Stover 2hp CT-2 Engine- Sn. 21465; Stover 4hp Engine - Sn. 2119465; Stewart Little Major .5hp Engine; T. Eaton 4hp Engine- Sn. 140952, Canadian; United 2hp Engine- Sn. B6672; Vaughn Drag Saw Engine; Vaughn Drag Saw Engine; Waterloo Boy 2.5hp Engine - Sn. 41821; Wisconsin 4 cylinder Power Unit; Witte 12.2 Diesel Engine- Light plant; Witte 2hp Engine- Sn. 94825K; Witte 7hp Engine- Sn. B5875

Boat Motors

Over 50+ Motors! Here are just a few:

1905 Buffalo 2hp Inboard Engine; 1910 Roberts 10hp Inboard Engine; 1913 Evinrude Knob Start Motor; 1913 Wisconsin Knob Start Motor; 1914 Evinrude Inboard Engine; 1914 Lockwood Ash Knob Start Motor; 1916 Arrow Inboard Dis-Pro Engine; 1916 Evinrude Knob Start; 1916 Lockwood Ash Knob Start Motor; 1916 Sears "Motor Go" Outboard; 1920 Caille Outboard Motor; 1920 Camille Liberty Motor; 1922 Johnson "A" Motor; 1925 Elto "Super" Two-cylinder Motor; 1925 Elto 4.5hp Motor; 1925 Evinrude "Demontstrator" Motor; 1928 Evinrude 14hp Racing Motor; 1928 Evinrude Super Elto Motor; 1929 Evinrude Motor; 1929 Koenig Canoe Motor; 1930 OMC Foldlight Motor; 1939 Neptune Rope Start Motor; 1940 Elgin Motor; Arrow 2 Cylinder Inboard; British Seagull Motor; Caille 2 Cylinder Inboard Engine; Elto Rudder Twin Motor; Fay and Bowen Engine; Gray One-5 Marine Engine; Johnson Model J Motor; Mall 3hp Engine; Neptune Knob Start Motor; Schnake Mid "Jet" Outboard Motor
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