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Alternative Fuels An energy source alternative to using fossil fuels. Materials or substances that can be used as a fuel, other than conventional fuels. Waste oils, vegetable oils or animal fats, which can be used alone, or blended with fossil fuels.

Alternative Fuels

Use of Kerosene in small gas engines

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Old 10-13-2015, 12:26:20 PM
magneticanomaly magneticanomaly is offline
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Default Re: Use of Kerosene in small gas engines

Kerosene was the intended fuel for a lot of Otto-cycle (spark-ignited) engines, includiing my 1931 farmall tractor.

It poses two problems for a naturally-aspirated, carbureted Otto engine. One is that it does not vaporize well at ordinary temperatures. My tractor had an auxiliary tank for gasoline for starting. After the engine was warm, as long as you kept a good load on it, the manifold was plenty hot to vaporize the kerosene. If you let it idle long without covering up the radiator, it would smoke a bit. Kero has more BTU per gallon than gas, gives better economy and more power, IME.

The other problem is that Kero has a lower auto-ignition temp than gas....people think it is harder to ignite, but that is not quite right. Harder to vaporize, yes, but once vaporized it ignites at lower temp. That is what you want for a Diesel, since the only source of ignition heat is the adiabatic compression-heating of the air in the cylinder. But for a spark-ignited engine that pulls fuel in with intake air, you do NOT want compression heat to ignite the mixture, you want it to WAIT for the spark.....low octane fuel, high compression= "knock" or pre-ignition.

Old tractor with compression ratio of around 5:1, no problem with "knock".

I finally quit using Kero in my farmall because it got more epensive than gas, so why hassle with fuel switchover.
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Old 10-13-2015, 11:18:13 PM
Railroads Railroads is offline
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Default Re: Use of Kerosene in small gas engines

I am actually amazed by just what a spark ignited engine can burn. Gas, Kero, Naptha, Wood Gas, Propane, Natural Gas, etc.

Almost makes a spark engine more useful than a diesel engine. But still hard to beat a boiler and small stationary steam engine. As long as you got plenty of water you could burn what ever is at hand.

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Old 10-19-2015, 07:10:29 PM
sdowney717 sdowney717 is offline
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Default Re: Use of Kerosene in small gas engines

interesting that it runs on kerosene. Practically though kerosene costs more so I wont try it myself. I buy the cheapest fuel I can buy for the boat, car, lawn equipment.

Back when gas was almost $4 per gallon, I started running a mix of old ATF in the the 94 Roadmaster wagon, maybe 1 to 2 quarts per fill up, just to slightly lower the cost of filling up and use up some old ATF. It did run ok, had a longer crank time to startup, like it was delayed. It may have had a little less power, but I did not notice any smoking exhaust.

Try running E85 and I bet it wont work unless you enrich the mixture.
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