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Antique Engine Archives All archived posts from 1999 to 2004 when SmokStak was on EnginAds. This is a read-only board.

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A major problem

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Old 07-15-2004, 06:41:22 AM
Joseph Musser
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Default A major problem

I have run into what might be a big snag. While cleaning parts for my 6 horse M I have found that the head was broke once before and repaired poorly I think it may still be cracked but I am going to get it magna fluxed to be sure. If it is how am I going to repair it with the previous weld job already there? I have no idea what rod they might have used or how extensive the repair might have been. If I can find an uncracked one I think that might be the way to go but the wife is starting to wonder if "that old engine is worth what I am wasting on it" Give me your ideas Thank You Joe M.
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Old 07-15-2004, 07:28:15 AM
John Hammink
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Default Re: A major problem

In the States are more possibillities to find another head for your six M engine. At this side of the big pond there're non. So I had once a cracked head and repaired it, grind it down and made a V-groove, (don't use a flex grinder, but a grinding wheel) and welded it with a Nickel rod ˝" a time and beat the stress out. It's now 10 years later and it's still working good.

"Sixm" John
Old 07-15-2004, 08:26:10 AM
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Default Re: A major problem

If you dont have a lot of money to spend on it, rough it up around the weld with a little grinder and throw the JB Weld to it. I fixed mine about 6 years ago with JB and it has not leaked yet. Spread it, smooth it, sand it and paint it. All Done.
Old 07-15-2004, 10:35:25 AM
Rob Charles
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Default Re: A major problem

If it has pin holes that leak you can drill and tap with a taper or starting tap.Don't tap all of the way thru .Put a screw in locking it at the incomplete thread.Cut it off flush and smooth with a sander.If it was done with nickel that got hard epoxy will do it.Rob
Old 07-15-2004, 07:33:04 PM
Jeff Smith
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Default Re: A major problem


I have watched my father fix many heads by grinding a "v" as listed in the post above, except he would put it in the oven, take it out and braze it, then put it back into the oven and slowly cool it back down for stress relief. I think the most impressive one I can remember was an engine he has that a very large section of the out side of the head was missing due to freeze damage, and he machined a piece of pipe to the same diameter as the area of the outside of the water jacket that was missing, and then he did the same proceedure and brazed it in. When he was finished, and it was primed, one had to look very hard to see his handy work.

Old 07-15-2004, 07:56:14 PM
Hank Czerwick
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Default Re: A major problem

If your using JB weld or other epoxy. You can thin them both down with Acetone. I've repaired two sleved 6 cylinder engine blocks that were cracked between the sleeves by mixing up some JB. Taking about half of what I mixed and thining it out with acetone 'til it's about the consistancy of a kids runny nose. Covered all the holes in the water jacket with duct tape except one. Fired up the shop vac placed some thined epoxy on the crack. Then using the vacume on the un taped water jacked opening to draw the snotty mixture down into the crack. If you thin it just right you can watch the epoxy go into the crack. Then I wiped off the thinned epoxy excess and buttered up the crack with unthinned epoxy and applied a bit more vacume. Oh yea, the key to glueing anything is surface prep, surface prep and surface prep. Before I did any of this I used the same vacume trick and cleaned the crack out with both starter fluid and acetone, both of which are flamable and could blow up your vacume cleaner!

Both of the blocks I did leaked exhaust into the water jacked before I fixed them, and were cured afterwards.
Old 07-15-2004, 09:28:24 PM
Joseph Musser
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Default Re: A major problem

Just got done talking to a machinist/engine builder friend of mine and he gave me a chunk of block sealer that he says will seal it right up after the engine gets hot. He said he has used this with succes on many engines but they all had a pressurized cooling system, I was told this wasnt an issue since this stuff will find the crack or leak any way supposedly I can just toss this chunk in the hopper and it will seal up any pin holes or small cracks I did not pull the sleeve out so I am hoping it might even help in that area in case the o rings are old and hard but I am not sure whether to try this method or not what do you guys think of this Joe M.
Old 07-16-2004, 12:26:08 AM
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Default Re: A major problem

The only thing I could see wrong is it not being able to find the holes with there being no pressure. But it looks that you have already checked into that and I dont know how much of a hold that stuff has. It might make the chore of having to pull the sleave pretty hard. Ya know it sealing up the ring around the sleave like as if it was glued in. Hey just a thouhgt. But let's hope that isnt the case. Correct me if I'm wrong I'm not total sure with my thoughts.

Chase 16yrs old and yes I still love old engines.


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