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Onan Generators Restoring, operating and maintaining vintage Onan generators.

Onan Generators

Newbie with 30.0 EK-15R/1933D

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Old 11-09-2017, 08:01:26 PM
Max Thompson Max Thompson is offline
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Default Re: Newbie with 30.0 EK-15R/1933D

Originally Posted by Mac Sine View Post
Max - A negative feed regulator is a demand regulator.
Ok. Different terminology. I am fairly familiar with demand regulators and how they operate. Though I have never heard of a negative "feed" regulator. In my little mind, you can not "feed" a regulator with a negative pressure (in the applications we normally see). Yes, a demand regulator is controlled by "negative" pressure, but not "fed" negative pressure.
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Old 11-09-2017, 09:05:45 PM
ChapinGuy ChapinGuy is offline
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Default Re: Newbie with 30.0 EK-15R/1933D

Wonderful advice guys and great news! It sounds like I have everything I need except a good sized tank and I guess the high pressure regulator. Those parts should be easy enough for my local propane dealer to spec out. Does anyone know what size tank I would need to get say 3 days of run time at around 10KW and wired for single phase? at 50% load there about I guess
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Old 11-09-2017, 09:19:39 PM
Gunny Gunny is offline
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Default Re: Newbie with 30.0 EK-15R/1933D

You are not so much concerned as to how long the fuel supply in the tank will last as yu are with surface area needed to boil off the propane to a vapor. propane boils at -44 degrees F.

A 259 gallon tank would be marginal. Mount the first regulator at the tank taking tank pressure down to 10 psi. Them run the appropriate sized line to the genset, there mount another regulator and bring the pressure down to 7 to 11" WC (Water Column) Consult that gaseous fuel manual and do this right or you will have a fuel problem when you need it most. Probably the coldest night of the year, right after an ice storm has taken the power out. The #1 problem with propane fueled gensets is the fuel system not sized and/or configured correctly.
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Old 11-09-2017, 10:26:01 PM
nothingbutdarts nothingbutdarts is offline
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Default Re: Newbie with 30.0 EK-15R/1933D

Full load fuel consumption for propane on a 30EK is 210 Cubic feet per Hr. just for your information.
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Old 11-10-2017, 01:24:23 PM
Mac Sine Mac Sine is offline
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Default Re: Newbie with 30.0 EK-15R/1933D

Max - "Negative feed" referring to the fuel pressure entering the carburetor gas inlet being below atmospheric pressure; that is, the pressure coming out of the demand regulator.

Agreed that the supply pressure to a "negative-feed regulator" is a positive pressure.

ChapinGuy - You could also consider a propane liquid withdrawal system. That way you would not need a tank having a large vaporization surface area. You would replace the "Imp" regulator currently on your engine with an Impco EB vaporizer-regulator and also install either an electric lock-off or an Impco VFF30 vacuum lock-off in the liquid supply upstream of the EB vaporizer-regulator. The regulator portion of the EB contains both a primary regulator and the demand regulator therefore you do not need any other hardware other than the EB and a liquid lock-off. You do have to connect the vaporizer portion of the EB to engine coolant.
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