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Generators & Electric Motors General Discussion Antique Generators and Old Electric Motors: Questions and answers about restoring and showing old power generation systems.

Generators & Electric Motors General Discussion

Generator Parts and Frequently Asked Guestions

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Old 03-26-2016, 09:01:03 PM
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Default Re: Generator parts and frequently asked questions.

Originally Posted by Power View Post
Now you got ME confused!!!!!

When installing cooktops/ ranges we are required to install a range outlet in the wall, and use a range cord with plug.

When installing electric dryers, we are require to mount a dryer outlet and use a plug and cord to dryer.
Not permanently installed

Originally Posted by Power View Post
When installing dishwashers and garbage disposals, we are required to go cord and plug.

My understanding is this is for convenience and safety of appliance repair person.

Aren't above permanently installed?
DW and GD are specifically excepted in the code. Probably because it has always been done this way with no problems.

Every device needs to have a disconnecting means cord and plug if allowed can serve as that means.

I do not believe that by code a forced air unit is supposed to be cord and plug although it usually makes sense to install it that way anyway.

When having this type of discussion the only thing that really works is code citations but I am too lazy to look it up right now. Ask me again and I will though....
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Old 03-27-2016, 10:08:50 AM
armandh armandh is offline
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Default Re: Generator parts and frequently asked questions.

still married and in our 5th house [#3 being the biggest]
still using breaker interlock and portable generators for emergencies.
the good news is that the mains power is very reliable.

also new

rather than several smaller AC units in house #3,
there is a 5 ton [60,000 BTU] here.
it starts with the help of a "soft start" controller
this works super for high torque start situations
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Old 03-27-2016, 11:20:07 AM
Power Power is offline
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Default Re: Generator parts and frequently asked questions.

Originally Posted by len k View Post
Seems stand alone (stand on floor) stoves and ovens should be plugged as they are easily removeable. Our built into counter top stove-top and built into wall oven are hardwired. Our house is 59 years old, codes likely change over the years.

I know codes do, Len. When I first worked as an electrician in the 1960's-70's, we hard wired everything. Dishwasher, garbage disposal, dryer, stove & countertop. No way would builder pay for cords and outlets. Do it cheapest way that electrical inspector will approve.

Romex to the stove and dryer. Only 3 conductors because the neutral was bonded to the frame inside the appliance. Today 4 conductors are required - a dedicated ground. Neutral to frame bonds no longer allowed.

When it was said that cord and plug furnace is illegal, it got my attention.

Retired, so I no longer get code books or attend code seminars.
I have my furnace cord and plug - 2- 1/20 hp hot water pumps and hot water "boiler" controls. We rarely have power outages - last one of any duration was Sandy, so transfer switch or interlock not worth it.

I run cord and plug during occasional outages. 3KW 115 volt Onan in driveway 30 feet from house with 10/3 to house. Outlet box on end of 10/3 has 2- 15 amp breakers feeding surge protectors feeding 2 duplex outlets.

I was planning on leaving the heating system cord/ plug so future homeowner could power it in a power outage.
IF it is definitely against code, and home inspector will flag it, then I can change it to hard wired before selling.
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Old 03-27-2016, 01:25:06 PM
len k len k is offline
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Default Re: Generator parts and frequently asked questions.

I believe the original ECM artical was talking specifically about furances not being ok to be powered from a cord and plug, maybe 3 years ago.

I believe the context was a discussion about people, maybe during Sandy, un-hard wiring the furnace to put a plug on it to connect to extension wire to emergency gen. Then latter adding a utility outlet by furnace and plugging it in.
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Old 03-27-2016, 03:50:12 PM
Vanman Vanman is offline
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Default Re: Generator parts and frequently asked questions.

Interesting about cord and plug connected air handlers / furnaces. They all seem to be that way around here, houses ~30 - 50 years old. Rewired one that burned about ten years ago and put it back how it was- cord and plug connected. Maybe code has changed since then?

Power failures are so rare here and we're not planning on staying so transfer switch or interlock are not justified. Power failed at my care home just today. By the time I was in the car got the message that it was back on. Yawn.

Mom's was off for an hour, but I don't keep any of my collection over there

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Old 07-23-2018, 11:22:41 AM
ThorPowerUnits ThorPowerUnits is offline
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Default Re: Generator parts and frequently asked questions.

I have a 5.5 KW generator head and am looking to use an electric motor to turn the generator/alternator
If a 5.5KW generator is 5500 Watts and 1 Horsepower is 746 watts, this means I would need 7.37 Horsepower to get the 5.5Kw. Not much left over. If horsepower is always good even if you don't intend to use it, should I get a 10 HP electric motor?

Also to run the 10 HP motor I will be using 12 volt batteries. Will I need a bank of 6 batteries to keep it spinning at 1800 RPM?

The batteries will be charged by solar panels.
Thank you in advance for your imput...
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