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Onan Generators Restoring, operating and maintaining vintage Onan generators.

Onan Generators

Voices of the Past

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Old 10-06-2017, 10:51:34 PM
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Nothingbutdarts re your question about Ed Sparks. I do know he worked for the town of Harpswell, ME as a inspector. He was also associated with the fire department. I cannot really answer your question except to say he was well known in the area. When I told him we frequently visit his area, he invited me over to see his new JB installation.
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Old 10-06-2017, 11:14:04 PM
HBSaunders HBSaunders is offline
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Read a lot of his older posts. Especially about the cw10. Wish I could have met up with the guy. Heard he had quite a few onans and they were put up for sale being offered to the stakkers. Would have been an honor to own one of his gensets.
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Old 10-07-2017, 07:37:08 AM
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Gunny will like this one. State jail down town Dallas. We backed two trucks into the loading dock. Unloaded everything we needed for a service and some repairs. No one checked a thing. Took it to the generator room where they locked it in. Then made us go to the lobby and go through the metal detector. Almost arrested my helper because he had a small pocket knife.

I got upset and told them this was BS. Because we had just unloaded two trucks that no one had bothered to check. We could have had both trucks full of weapons. No one checked. Made them look like idiots so they dropped it.
I don't talk to myself. This early in the morning. Why the hell should I talk to you.
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Old 10-07-2017, 07:55:49 AM
Handyhiker1 Handyhiker1 is offline
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

I ran camera cable in a torpedo factory when I was in high school. There were 4 of us on the job and we ran 7 miles of cable. 1 guard was assigned to watch us. We all had to be in sight of the guard at all times. If 1 of us had to use the restroom, we all had to go so we could be watched. Saw some cool stuff on work benches but were not allowed in the restricted areas.
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Old 10-07-2017, 09:54:02 AM
Oldchvys Oldchvys is offline
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Billy, I know what you mean about all of the security hassles that you mentioned. I had rebuilt a DL6 Techstar for the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety at the old nuke plant in Zion. I had to take a 10 wheel crane in there to set it back on its pad next to the silo. Of course a guard had to ride with me and when I parked they were supposed to chain my brake pedal to the steering wheel so you couldn't move the truck on your own. I told them, whatever you do, don't chain up the clutch pedal because I needed that for the PTO for the boom. Well of course as soon as I turned my back, they had wrapped a chain around the clutch pedal and locked it up. After I flipped out, come to find out the guards that padlock that stuff up don't have the keys to unlock them. Had to wait almost an hour for another guard to get there with a key so I could go back to work. What a hassle but it all paid the same for my time.

Probably one of the craziest/stupidest things I did was at the Braidwood nuke plant. I had a new guy riding with me and I had him drive my service van so I could do paperwork. His name was Jerome, an ex Navy man. We pull up to the first security checkpoint and a women guard asked for our names. Jerome said "Moses". I must have been already irritated because when she asked for my name I said "Jesus Christ" without even looking up from my paperwork. The guard snapped and said "So let me get this straight, what you are telling me is that you two men are Moses and Jesus Christ, and are trying to enter the main gate. Is that correct?" I said, "Yes that would be correct" without even looking up at her again. The next thing you know we are completely surrounded by guards with their weapons drawn and aimed at us. Jerome said to me "Why the heck did you tell them your name was Jesus Christ?" I said "Well why the heck did you tell them your name was Moses?" He said "Because it is......My full name is Jerome Moses" ...... I had no idea that was his name. It all worked out okay though. We didn't get shot or arrested. They never did see the humor in it though
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Old 10-07-2017, 10:39:57 AM
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Onan dan Present well guys and gals I am still around due to my wife illness I have been caring for her and she is doing much better we did celebrate our 45th wedding Anniversary the 29th of Sept I try every day to sign onto the Stak and check you fellows out be sure your all behaving.
Ed Sparks was mentioned a wonderful person I only come to know him here on the Stak great fellow if you go to Ed,s profile and click on contact info you will see Cribstone Labradors Ed and his wife Colette and I would say she still is raising the Labs for seeing Eye dogs also last time I talked in email with Ed he was restoring an old Mansion house or something of the sort had just a few weeks to get it done Ed never slowed down went day and night in the winter time he lived at Baily Island Maine and they get some serious snow storms and weather and Ed would go about the neighbor checking on folks and plowing out folks snowed in .The Bridge picture on profile is made from Cribs crossing over to the island, well folks God Bless keep you all safe . and I thank all my friends here for helping me with my onan s and other problems . I hope to be able soon to get back to my garage and my green Machines.
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Old 10-07-2017, 01:23:18 PM
len k len k is offline
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Have some relatives in Brunswick ME ~ across the bay from ED Sparks, I might have met Ed in past up there during Thanks giving and Christmas. But that was before I was on the Stak so his name didn't stand out.

About 10 years ago during massive NE ice storm and outage a generator magically appeared on relative's deck. Looking back I suspect it was a loaner from Ed Sparks, they were both volunteer fire fighters.

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Old 10-07-2017, 03:02:51 PM
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

I was just a "Young Pup" at UPS when the manager told me to get my browns on and go out to the San Luis Obispo, Mens Colony Prison, Prison Industry warehouse and pick up a bunch of license plate stickers. Never been there so I go check in at the main desk and they tell me where the PIAA bldg is. I back into the dock, open up the back door and jump up onto the dock. (I WAS young then!) I am looking for the civilian supervisor among a bunch of inmates that worked there. I hear off to my right "You-Hoo, You-Hoo....." I expect it is the civilian supervisor........ I look over and here is this skinny black inmate with a hair net on and lip stick giving me the "Glamour Eye".
That MADE my day!
Sorry... No Onan story!
I have met, through typing out on a key board, MANY Generous people on this site. They're a few guys I would like to meet face to face if I am ever in their area.
I'd like to meet Billy Shaffer and have him show me ALL the good RIB JOINTS in his neck of the woods! I'm sure he knows a few!
Hey DAN...Hope your wife is doing well and congrats on 45 years! If I am a good Boy by the 22nd of this month, I hit 40 yrs with my wife and Adult Supervisor!
The Control panel
and gauges of my

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Old 10-07-2017, 06:34:47 PM
Wayne 440 Wayne 440 is offline
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

Originally Posted by Oldchvys View Post
...a DL6 Techstar for the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety at the old nuke plant in Zion...

Thinking about that will keep me and anyone who has ever worked on a TechStar awake at night.
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Old 10-08-2017, 01:01:58 PM
rmchambers rmchambers is offline
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Default Re: Voices of the Past

highly recommended to get to Centerville TX and buy Billy some BBQ, his joint is a good one, I haven't been through Centerville since the last time I was there some several years ago but Billy's a character and well worth meeting!
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