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Horse Drawn Equipment Old iron designed for the purpose of hitching up to a horse or a team. This old iron machinery may be used or demonstrated while hooked to an old iron tractor too.

Horse Drawn Equipment

Horse Power Drive

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Old 12-17-2007, 01:08:49 PM
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Default Re: Horse Power drive


Have you been to the show at Darlington? If so, the big one there was restored by my grandfather, with my brother and myself spending many hours lending a hand. The big Kelly horsepower sweep was built in Marengo, Illinois. It was found in a small timber near Genoa, Illinois. Thank goodness that the owners of the timber were into old iron, or it would most likely have been scrapped.

The unit had sunk almost completely into the ground, and all that was visible was a very small portion of the 8 foot diameter gear. There were also a few trees grown into it. With a LOT of digging, chopping trees, and a small amount of disassembly where the unit sat, my grandfather and I were able to jack the big gear up off of the rest of the power. We then used a heavy duty come-along to winch it up onto his truck. The gear was so large that we had to set it on TOP of the truck bed, across both sides of the bed. With the gear being 8 feet across, it made the grandpa's old '67 Chevy pickup squat pretty good.

After getting the large gear loaded on grandpa's truck, we continued digging, chopping, and digging some more. At last, we were able to get some boards under the rest of the unit and then winch it onto my utility trailer.

Although it was in very rough shape, progress was made pretty fast due to having the experience of previously restoring the 6 team (12 horse) Dingee-Woodbury patent unit that was part of the Case horsepowered threshing rig, as well as the 5 team (10 horse) Deere-Mansur unit and many other single team and double team units. Also, several horse powered burr mills, a horsepowered drag saw, and a pair of horse treadmills with groundhog threshers.

If you ever get bored, just make the 1/2 hour trip down here and grandpa would just LOVE to show you his scrap books with the before, during, and after pictures, and give you a TON of history on the units. Also, come to the show in July and see lots of this horsepowered equipment in action.

Did you happen to go to the auction near Argyle & Wiota a while back that had a bunch of old cars and trucks, an 8 HP gas engine, and a bunch of other old equipment there? If so, I was there and came home with a few treasures, but did not come home with the 8 HP Sparta Economy. It stayed local to Wiota, where it spent it's working days.
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Old 12-30-2007, 10:33:00 PM
Bill Madison Bill Madison is offline
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Default Re: Horse Power drive

the steam show in rollog minn. has a 5 team horse power unit. it might be shown on there web site. (wmstr) western minnisota steam threashers reunion.
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Old 04-23-2008, 11:54:29 AM
John Hanson John Hanson is offline
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Default Re: Horse Power drive

I just came back from the Small Farmers Journal Auction in Sisters, OR. There were 2 different "horse powers" there this year. The first was this smaller, more common unit (sorry, I didn't find a manufacturer on it anywhere)..

The other was this unit built by Buffalo Pitts. It was reportedly rebuilt and put in storage about 50 years ago, and it looked like it!

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Old 02-07-2009, 05:06:59 PM
Mike Rock Mike Rock is offline
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Default Horse 'power'

At last, I found a power. It is a Sandwich, and is made for either one horse or two up on one arm. The machine has two arm brackets that aim at a common point about eight feet out, then the single tree or double tree hooks to the end.

Anyone know a color scheme? Anyone know why one or two horses don't just decide to exit stage right and take the whole damned thing with them? There is nothing to hold a neckyoke or lead line to make sure they march in a circle. Just wondering.

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Old 02-07-2009, 11:56:49 PM
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Default Re: Horse 'power'

Here is a page from the 1912 Sandwich catalog. look how the horses are tied to the power. The line on the frount keeps them in line. More catalog pages are on the Sandwich web site.
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[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Bob Ronning
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Old 02-08-2009, 01:55:04 AM
Mike Rock Mike Rock is offline
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Default Re: Horse 'power'

Thanks for the link. I was looking this afternoon and did not think to look at the engine club... That is the kind of lead setup I was envisioning. When I get the wood parts over here the holes for the lead pole should be there.
Someone has mounted this power on two I-beams as a skid and it can be staked down. It looks as though it might have been mounted as a stationary power in a barn or outbuilding. There are two speed jacks with it, a dozen universal joints and four lengths of square drive shaft. All in all, a great find.

Thanks again.

Most respectfully,
Mike Rock
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Old 02-09-2009, 12:54:05 AM
Ironman Ironman is offline
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Default Re: Horse 'power'

Can you post some pictures of it? The reason that I ask is that it may have been owned by my grandfather at one time. Many of his horse powered sweep units were sold locally. I know that some of them went to Apple River, and some were set up and run at the Darlington show. Also, I bought a pair of sweep powers on the consignment auction at the Sandwich show several years ago and dragged them home thinking my grandfather might want to get involved in putting them back in working order, but he said he was done restoring due to his age, and that I should restore them myself. I was so busy that I wasn't even finding time to work on my engines, so I sold the sweep powers to a fellow in Apple River. I believe that one of the sweeps was a Sandwich, and the other was an Appleton. Perhaps yours may even be one that I used to own!
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Old 12-22-2017, 06:53:21 PM
Oilpulled Oilpulled is online now
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Default Re: Horse Power Drive

Dingee Woodbury Horsepower
In an effort to update this thread, here's some information on an old Dingee Woodbury horse power which I saw back in about 1974 and which I looked at again yesterday. Back in 1974 I was pressing cider with a little mill and heard about this big one in a barn which I went to see. The big mill is actually built into the barn and the big press is adjacent to it. It was too big for me so I didn't get it. While there I saw many interesting old items. This family threw very little away. Two items I thought should be saved are a Dingee Woodbury horsepower frame and a Case slat stacker made to attach to a wind stacker machine. Well George Hedtke collected anything Case so we got him to buy the slat stacker, but he already had a complete horsepower setup. In about 1976 Martin estate near Independence Iowa had a Hilpipre sale with many interesting items: a Galloway, a Gray, two Huber Light Fours, a Towensand tractor and a complete Dingee Woodbury horse power with rotten wood. Well I wasn't able to get the buyer's identification so I couldn't pass on the information on the frame. The barn was dark yesterday and my phone camera did not work well, but here are some pictures of the frame which is very solid but it has only one axle with wheels which need repair. I found three good sweeps with stay rods and equalizer pulleys. All of the easily removable cast iron was scrapped during the war, but the final output gear and the square shaft remain attached. The location is northern Illinois and I have other matters to discuss with the owner who would like to find someone who would use this item which is probably 120 years old. Reply if interested.
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Old 01-08-2018, 10:31:00 PM
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Default Re: Horse Power Drive

While we are on the subject of horse powers, did John Deere ever make one? I have this odd wood framed gear box with what looks like a tumble shaft coming in one side and I believe a gear shifting mechanism for two speeds, it appears to have been staked to the ground and the gears have JD in them. A friend bought it around Hastings Nebr. at a Catholic Church back in the 50s where the priest has rigged it up to turn a large home made ice cream maker. I thought it was always an oddity and then a couple years ago I bought some line drive stuff out of a blacksmith shop and got another one that had been modified to work off pulleys but was still the same square shaft driven set up with the normal JD logs in all the castings. I would sure like to know what they are but I think they had to have been for a horse power? Thanks
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