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Maytag Engine Collectibles Maytag engines, washing machines, mowers and other engine driven tools for the farm.

Maytag Engine Collectibles

Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

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Old 02-09-2017, 11:22:57 PM
Lawnboy Lawnboy is offline
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Default Re: Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

It all goes back to supply and demand. Call it greed or what ever else you want. But as long as there is someone out there that is going to pay the price you can't blame someone for taking there money. Also there are more people out there trying to make a living buying and reselling these engines. But again it goes back to supply and demand.
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Old 02-10-2017, 02:14:41 AM
briggsoverload briggsoverload is offline
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Default Re: Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

Prices have definitely gone crazy but there's still deals to be had. I was in nebraska at an auction that had about 30 maytags. There was a ton of people looking at them and I thought I was going to have some stiff competition. I was able to get a short deep base Center fill maytag for $40. There's only like 16 complete engines known to exist. I believe they only made about 2500 of these that went on the model G washer. I was able to come away with 16 maytags and a Fairmont railway engine for $700. Farm auctions are a good way to go for good deals on engines for the most part.
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Old 02-10-2017, 11:02:27 PM
Lawnboy Lawnboy is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Red Bud, Il usa
Posts: 259
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Default Re: Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

I am going to guess that a lot of the more common models went for more then $40.00 also. This goes back to people not knowing the value of what they are looking at. Rare models often go for a low price because someone does not know there value, the same as someone paying to much for a common model because they do not know there value. This also goes to someone setting the price on an engine. It pay to do a little research .
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Old 03-29-2017, 04:39:25 PM
enginesilo's Avatar
enginesilo enginesilo is offline
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Default Re: Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

Originally Posted by Mike Paul View Post
Two observations here. One: As an auctioneer I'm always amused by the old timers who got into collecting, (and it doesn't matter what category because it's all of them) on the ground floor and bought everything on the cheap. As in dirt cheap. And over a period of 20, 30 or 40 years they've managed to build a world class collection that is the envy of all for miles around. These are the guys who can pee and moan the longest and loudest about how the entire category is now being taken over by the greedy, speculating SOB's that are ruining it for everyone and blah, blah, blah. And all the while they're crying this song they are conveniently overlooking the fact that their collection has gone up in value exponentially because of all the people they're grousing about. When it comes time to sell out they're not much interested in passing it along to a young guy without a pot or a window but they are very interested in squeezing it for every last dime. Two: the buying market is heavily influenced by people buying what they remember. Grandpa's steamer, Pa's first tractor, the engine that was given to the neighbor at a time when nobody cared about memories or heritage. While old iron in general has enjoyed the rare luxury of being less affected by this than other collectible categories, it's not immune to market forces. Look at the drop in Ford N series tractors. The men who grew up with them are now at an age where they're no longer collecting, or worse, they're dying. The younger collector doesn't have the same affinity for these tractors. He wants that IH or JD that dad owned in the 60s or 70s. And for the the guy in his 30s that would love to own a steamer, a wife, kids and mortgage can put a real reality check on the wish list. Just like it did for every collector before him.
So much truth in this post. You'd think an old timer who got an engine for nothing would like to try to pass it along to a younger collector and keep the hobby and tradition alive, but greed usually takes over.

I never really thought about the value of what my collection will be worth later in life, since I've only started collecting a handful of years ago so I never got my engines on the cheap. Someone asked me recently if I thought there will be a market for these engines in 20-30-40-50 years and it struck me, will there be people wanting to still collect the way there is now? Now there are still guys who grew up with them or have the funds to buy them, but what happens when that generation has passed. Will the younger people even care? I collect for my own selfish needs so I don't have a sell strategy in mind, but that person asking me got me thinking.
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Old 04-02-2017, 03:31:33 AM
rustyknutt rustyknutt is offline
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Default Re: Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

I guess you have to go to auctions to get these maytags at a decent price. I still cant see that darned 200 to 300 a copy. Guess those guys are NOT dealers...they are just buying low and selling high. I m a collector...i have probably 6 that will run. i paid at most 75.00. oh well. the good ol days are gone. thanks american pickers.
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Old 05-16-2017, 07:38:47 PM
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Default Re: Maytag Engines... built of Gold?

Years ago when I was just getting really into engines a man had a model 72 twin with the oddest gas tank I'd ever seen was real long and I thought it might be some sort of home made replacement or something...called a friend and asked if it was worth anything...the guy was honest and said the $75 price was a real bargain for a generator engine...had I not known I'd have just passed and left it to go find a "ear tank" model....ignorance is bliss
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