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Small Air Cooled Gasoline Engines Briggs & Stratton, Clinton, Lauson, Maytag, Nelson, Wisconsin and other small air cooled engines.

Small Air Cooled Gasoline Engines

Checking fuel tank for distortion

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Old 02-01-2006, 03:35:52 PM
ryan68bug ryan68bug is offline
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Default Checking fuel tank for distortion

I've got the Briggs and Stratton Antique Engines 1919-1980 repair manual and it says to check a fuel tank for distortion by running a straight edge along the machined area for carburetor and sliding a .002" feeler gauge under neath. If it fits, the tank is distorted. The manual shows checking using this method for vertical-shaft engines with vacu-jet and pulsa-jet carbs, but is it applicable for horizontal shaft engines as well? My 60102 engine that's with a mini bike seems to leak under the carb when the bike is on the kickstand but doesn't seem to do so when it's running. My other 60102 engine, currently in pieces, I checked the tank using this method and sure enough the feeler gauge slid right under the straight edge. Sadly, new tanks are about 33 dollars through Briggs and Stratton direct, so I wanted to verify my findings before shelling out the dough for two new tanks. Thanks for any insight!
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Old 02-01-2006, 06:49:38 PM
HoMade HoMade is offline
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Default Re: Checking fuel tank for distortion

Wow, I'm doing a '66 B & S 100202 and I never even thought of checking for gas tank distortion, but then mine didn't leak either.

I don't know about the applicability of the vertical shaft specs., but I would think there would be alot a guy could do before resorting to a new tank. If it is minimally out of spec, you could try making your own gasket out of a thicker material (would think that there would be enough play between the carb mounting to the tank and the tank mount to the cover to allow for this)

Or...and don't tell anyone I said this, use RTV silicone...preferably black. It may not be original, but applied right, it will be virtually unnoticeable and in my mind, I'd rather not spend $33....which is about the price of a gasket set, carb. rebuild kit and rings....but then I'm cheap.

If the thing was really bent, I would try to take the bend out as best I can and then see if I could get it to seal.
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Old 02-01-2006, 09:20:21 PM
skartguy skartguy is offline
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Default Re: Checking fuel tank for distortion

Hello ok first of all dont use the black silicone,,,, silicone has its place and where the carb is concerned is not one of them.. ok most of the time you can get the carb to seal properly by doubling the gaskets oh and there will be sceptics out there about doing that also but its cheap try... ok briggs at one time offered a part that consited of a roll pin and a small paper thin gasket that also eliminated the warpage problem now not sure if they still offer this or not but its worth a try but you will probley have to find sombody that has some years exp. in the briggs business to find what you are talking about....and rember tighting the bolts tighter doesnt make it seal any better just squashs the gasket out..hope this help...steve.
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Old 02-01-2006, 10:55:44 PM
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Default Re: Checking fuel tank for distortion

if it's the flat top tanks you guys are talking about, i know they are notorious about leaking, thats just the way those flat tops are but i also know they do have supposodly a "repair kit" to fix these tanks but to tell you the truth, i've seen pictures of those so called "repair kits" and they look nothing more like a bunch of roll pins and a few gaskets. round washer type gaskets that is.
flat top tanks have always one way or another leaked from my experience.

here's a picture of the tank "Repair kit" for those flat top tanks.

this is from a Foley-Belsaw catalog, order No. EGR5978834 and it's $14.99 plus shipping for these kits, WAY to much in my opinion but this is just for an instance example. there number is 1-800-821-3452
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Old 02-02-2006, 01:13:49 AM
John Newman, Jr.'s Avatar
John Newman, Jr. John Newman, Jr. is offline
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Default Re: Checking fuel tank for distortion

Excellent move getting that book! It is an invaluable rescource when working on older engines. This appears to be two different problems both in the same area.
The leaking can probably be eliminated with a new gasket / diaphram. Don't over torque the screws - you could strip out the holes, and / or you could distort the carb base.
The .002"+ clearance on the tank top is a different problem affecting the fuel/air mixture. According to the book on page 3-35 it covers what you found. The repair kit should correct the excessive clearance, and that should improve running by providing a correct mixture.
Note that the $14.99 price is for 10 roll pins & washers. That will fix 10 tanks. Must be a fairly common problem if a typical repair shops might need to order that many at a time.
John Newman, Jr.
Saint Louis, MO

I Can Probably Fix That
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Old 02-02-2006, 01:18:17 AM
Andrew Mackey Andrew Mackey is offline
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Exclamation Re: Checking fuel tank for distortion

I used to use a home made gasket, from a ceeial box, to stop the problem. usually the problem started by people cranking the screws too tight. The aluminum tanks would destort. The carbs mentioned also had distortion problems where the carb casting bolted to the block-intake manifold. Warpage here meant mixture problems, to the point the engine would not idle. Careful dressing with a file, and new gaskets often took care of the problem. Ditto on the no-go on the silicone - gas eats it, and where briggs put their muffler - . . .
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Old 02-02-2006, 09:18:35 PM
Jerry Jerry is offline
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Talking Re: Checking fuel tank for distortion

Go to your Local Briggs dealer... The Reapir Kit Part Number was 391413
Has been changed to Bulk Pack # 4184
Should only cost about Three Bucks

Good Luck
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