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Antique Engine Photos

I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciated

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Old 11-25-2016, 04:07:45 PM
BobRR BobRR is offline
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Default Re: I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciat

From now on everyone please be P.C. when asking questions! I still dont think he was out of line. It is his to sell! And just where else was he going to get any old engine info? THIS IS IT and easyist to find! Evidently it was given to him to do what he wanted.Being he is the great grand kid maybe in collage or just starting a family. I hope if he sold it he got affair price. I wonder just how many response's he read. He may have not read any unless he logged off and then back on and even then he wouldnt have read more then 5. I just did a little test. I logged into this thread at 2:05, stayed on here till 2:30 no new posts. Checked other forum came back and 2 new posts between 2:10&2:20. So if you dont log out of a thread, new post's dont load. Bob
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Old 11-25-2016, 04:27:11 PM
JSWithers JSWithers is offline
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Default Re: I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciat

Originally Posted by BobRR View Post
So if you dont log out of a thread, new post's dont load. Bob
Or hit the little circle arrow in the upper left hand corner and refresh.
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Old 11-25-2016, 05:53:33 PM
Doug Oldenburg's Avatar
Doug Oldenburg Doug Oldenburg is offline
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Default Re: I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciat

It's getting to the point........We may need a GROAN Button in this thread. It is his to do what he wants with........but I Really Don't care.........Some people seem to have to keep harping on the same opinion over & over again. Why not just say it one time & move on ?
"So Much Iron & So Little Money"
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Old 11-25-2016, 06:38:53 PM
G.M.Johnson G.M.Johnson is offline
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Default Re: I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciat

I gotta say this thread has become quite entertaining! Never ever thought it would be three pages long! But thats the beauty of Democracy, we all have our own opinion and our own views of what is right, wrong, good, bad and everything in between, and can voice our own opinion. I run into, and have to deal with different people's attitudes every day, and I have learned over the years as I get older, whether we agree or not that's OK, for the most part. There are those that are just flat out back stabbing meatwhistles and egotistical jerks that I will not tolerate. I have met a lot of friends in this hobby, and had a lot of good times. And yes there are people who I don't agree with or vise versa. But remember one goes on! Let's enjoy the hobby we have!
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Old 12-18-2016, 01:33:28 PM
Lester Bowman Lester Bowman is offline
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Default Re: I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciat

I'm laying here so sick I can barely breathe but I'll share a few thoughts on the subject. I've built small gasoline engines and did so to the best of my ability. I've built for each child I have. I treasure them keeping them in my room inside my home. Who knows if my children will treasure them? Nobody knows and when I'm dead it won't make a hill of beans difference.

I have a octagonal wrecking bar about six feet long made by my Great Great Grandfather. I took my letter set and stamped in all I knew about the bar..Used for aligning the threshing machines. It has every name from my G G Grandfather to my son's name stamped into it. It also says..Family bar..Never sell. What is the worth of this bar? To me priceless. To the next caretaker who knows?

I have the tools of five generations of Bowman's..Pennsylvania to Indiana to North Dakota to California. I have the wood stove bought new in Alabama when Great Grandpa moved there to see if a "trade" of ranches would work out. It didn't but the stove came home and sits here beside me. I remember my Grandfather almost died from yellow fever in Old Alabama. The stove and tools are a constant reminder of my Fathers and their struggles to live and raise families in new places.

And I remember the newborn and young children buried beneath the Indiana sun. The Brethren church migrating to California and the new life started in hope and faith. I remember the ranch being lost because people in the land bank wanted to plant but no money to harvest. Great Grandfather used a Cat and pulled the house off that ranch five miles down the highway at save what he could. We rebuilt. We had children. Old folks died and new ones took their place.

Only a few things survived. I have those things. The family Bible dating back to 1740..German. Bowman spelled Bauman. Water stained because it was buried at one time hiding it from the Catholic church. All these things priceless to me.

Thousands of hours spent with my parents and grandparents talking about these things. I got it in my head and heart. I treasure these things because they were handed down to me carrying with them a legacy of my family.

I also treasure the lost legacy's of other family's. I don't know why really except I think it a shame to lose family legacy. So many of the things we talk about on Harry's have such a legacy. What a gift to know the legacy passed down through old engines! They made such a difference in their lives..our lives. Thus we move forward and those of us who understand treasure the DIFFERENCES these things made to their lives and to ours.

How many of our heirs will understand? Things like memory are lost through time. I've seen it in our own hobby. I've sold wonderful engines with wonderful history's and forty years later changing hands several times..the current owners of these engines haven't a clue to their original history and family legacy.

You have to be a very special person to UNDERSTAND what I have written here. I think a "break"occurs eventually in every family. Down sizing,fewer kids, poverty, the new age, technology...a million reasons why a break happens and everything stops. The family stories become fairy tales. Things no longer have any significance in the modern world. The "break" continues and oh! How much we have lost!

So while living we give such family treasures to those whom we think understand. To those who see beyond dollar signs. To those who UNDERSTAND the attached legacy and reason for preservation.

After I'm dead it doesn't matter anymore. But while alive I try to pass along this understanding to my children. I try to pass it along to you. All these things exist beside me to remind me they are part of who I am..who we are. The long gentle bend in the old wrecking bar was put there by the backs of my ancestors. I too put my own strength into its wrought iron and it carries my history as well. Will my children add to its bend? Only time will tell.

But it's ok for the break to happen. It is a choice based on a persons understanding. Someday all these things I treasure will be gone just as I'm gone. I certainly cannot bring them with me to where I'm going. I only hope they end up with somebody who has my heart and understanding of what they are and what they mean in terms of a legacy.

Like Judge said..lots of variables and different reasons things come up for sale. If no legacy is involved it's worth whatever somebody will pay. But if you know its history..and it is YOUR history..then you have an obligation to find a new owner who will appreciate it and treasure it as much as you do.

Got it? I'm not so sure I've even "got it". Some things are better gifted then sold. Yes. The gift of a legacy.
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Old 12-18-2016, 03:10:05 PM
Archaeometrist Archaeometrist is offline
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Default Re: I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciat

I understand only too well.

In some cultures, the past is quite important, and the sad fact is that for many families, the break is FORCED. The sad fact is that those cultures are strongly persecuted in this country - and you see it in comments like "Letting go of the past" and usually including insulting put downs of "PC" (and racist language is also rather common). At the same time, our children experience persecution if they try to follow their tribe's traditions or not struggle to "pass as white" (still not accepted as equals unless they deliberately hide their heritage, however). Add to that the addictive aspects of Eurocentric culture, and, well, it's easy to loose the past or have BS replace our recorded and documented history (with nobody left to denounce the bullsh*t).

I was lucky to ferret out the history of my own family - which was NOT what had been told to me when I was young, and to even get to know my real grandfather. (I was told that we were of German and English descent, and our ancestors came over in the last 100 years - and didn't know that the man who raised my dad was not my grandfather until I was in my 20s). That (English and German and only here for 100 years) was only PARTIALLY true of only TWO ancestors - the rest of the "bloodlines" had been here for centuries and many "lines" had been here for millenia! I got lucky in being able to re-claim some aspects of my heritage. Since I don't have children, it's unlikely that those things will be passed on, as my nieces and their families have shown little interest in heritage (and may have been taught that being American Indian {with some Norwegian, Scots-Irish, and Jewish ancestors} was something to be ashamed of).

Unfortunately, that also includes their GG grandpa having been a regional sales rep for Associated and that he was at the battle of San Juan Heights, or that their GGG grandfathers served in the Civil war and were wounded in battle, and some of the more interesting tales (told by my mother and grandmother) may vanish.
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