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Portland Indiana

Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

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Old 07-31-2018, 08:50:52 AM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

I was a little frustrated at a show I regularly attend last year as they worked out new logistical details.

It's hard to keep cool when you are working hard to get numerous displays hauled and set, and then find out that you can't use this or that gate anymore, or you don't have the right sticker on your truck or golf cart.

But, it makes a world of difference in how they approach you and handle it. If the person doing it can't be friendly, they need to find someone else.

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Originally Posted by Bill Hazzard View Post
Copy your post and send it to the board of directors of the show. If they are smart they will do something about the problem. We had hired some over zealous parking attendants at Rough and Tumble one year and from the complaints, we did not hire them again.
One of our local festivals (not an engine show) uses a couple Boy Scout troops as parking attendants and they always do a very nice, polite job.

And, I will add that I have seen show attendees and exhibitors be rude, too, not just volunteers. It comes from all sides.
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Old 07-31-2018, 09:20:42 AM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

This topic needs to be discussed here. If you have a dictator personality you don't need to work at a show. You always want visitors, vendors, exhibitors to come back next year. A " Thank You " always leaves a pleasant memory.

Larry G.
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Old 07-31-2018, 09:23:08 AM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

Two years ago I had a problem with the then president of the Portland club. He was a nasty bully. Haven't been back since. Ron
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Old 07-31-2018, 10:02:49 AM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

I am not taking sides in this particular instance but there are (as usual) two sides to the issue. I have helped organize shows and it only takes a couple people who think they are special to give a person a bad attitude for a bit. I see it as unfortunate that are is a segment of the old engine/tractor fraternity that sees themselves as special people who deserve special treatment. (and I am not accusing the original poster here of that!!) and I blame the special SOBS as if not for them shows would not need people like "Gestapo Gertie"
That being said I have been ripped on several occasions for doing exactly what I was told to do at a show, this mostly happens when I am a first timer and dont know the lay out or rules. Makes it hard to not just load up and go home but I have never gone back to any of them.

Shows do need to keep watch on who they place in positions of authority, that's for sure. I found out years ago That I do not have what it takes, I stay too mad for too long.
Old 07-31-2018, 10:18:55 AM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

I think most of us have experienced this at some time or other, we had a similar experience at the Rock River show many years back and it left such a bad feeling that we've never returned. We camped where the director at the gate told us, and some supposedly high up member next door had a $hi+ fit and caused major confrontation! We were threatened physically by his big mouthed teen son, very nearly came to blows! I talked to the same director that placed us there and she turned on us as well, never returned and never will! I very nearly called for the police to have the jerk arrested. As stated above, these types come and go. We've seen more than one show go bad because of one or two self centered members, but time changes all things and those same difficult folks have either moved on or have passed on. And sure enough the shows involved got better and revived! Unfortunately all groups suffer from these same issues sooner or later. Perhaps a well placed written critique to the group meeting could help them reassign the volunteers to better suited areas? At some point you have nothing to lose if you aren't returning anyway.
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Old 07-31-2018, 11:53:58 AM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

I would think this website and the Portland show are both popular enough someone who is a authoritative position in that club will get this info.
That is very sad that woman had to holler at ye like that.Not only is it annoying,but it is embarrassing to be seen by spectators and your friends getting your ass chewed like a 5 year old for throwing a rock thru the church window.
Presentation is key.
I must admit,I would refrain from contributing a exhibit to that show as well.
A 22 Chevy is scarce and spectators probably enjoyed seeing it roaming around anyway.Your driving it was much less offensive than someone driving 1 of those 2 cycle smoky,smelly golf carts.
This show has been on my bucket list for a long time but after reading this,I aint so sure.For me it is quite a drive.
I guess this nazi attitude is spreading all over but until folks stand up and say no more,it will continue.
Without exhibitors, there is not a show.A club can assemble a fine collection and the first few years get by with few outsiders,but as time wears on,the spectator crowd grows weary of looking at the same thing each year and stop showing up.That is 1 of the reasons exhibitors bringing in stuff helps keep things going.
Old 07-31-2018, 12:21:18 PM
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Unhappy Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

I had a run in at the Jacktown show many years ago. I used to display my 1950 IHC L-120 at my display site, along with my F/M 3 home lite plant. a guy who set up next to me wanted to spread out so his bratty kid could play in the dirt (throwing shovelfuls of dust into the air). the president of the club came up to me and told me I could not park my truck there,, I had to park it across the street. Oh, did I tell you, that a lot of the tractor pullers asked me to blow up their tires with the on board compressor I had installed on the engine of my truck? Well, I moved the truck, and parked it across the street. When tractor pull time came, the usual people came and asked if I would blow up their tires. "NOPE I was told I cannot park my truck on the grounds, and I am not going to walk out just to blow up tires. if you want air, go see R---- S----and ask him why I had to park across the street, when I had a display here for the last 5 years". Lots of POed people after that. My wife never attended the Jacktown show ever since. I still attend, I think that it is a great show, but it only takes one bad experience to put you off. I was thinking of going to Portland next year, but now ???. I would hate to drive all that way just to be put off by offensive gate keepers.
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Old 07-31-2018, 12:32:25 PM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

Thank you for posting your reply. It summarizes my viewpoint and experience. The very few times I drove my 1922 Chevrolet inside the Portland showgrounds, many people expressed their approval and enjoyment in getting to hear and see it driven. While driving it with the spark retarded and in 1st gear, it moves slower than a walking pace.
I do recognize and respect the show's rules though. There has to be parameters set for the safety of all attendees. I very much resent their methods of rudely abusing their authority while enforcing them. By the way, I was told these 2 women are not officials or directors. They are volunteers who have been given, and obviously have become addicted to, the opiate of authority!
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Old 07-31-2018, 12:37:05 PM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

I remember a good many years ago at a show there was a woman,about 60,that was kinda rude some folks.Turned out she was later found to have cancer and had to be treated for it. After that she was back to being a polite lady i made a point to speak to when I went.
Sometimes folks have health issues that don't know it and it can affect their attitude. My former boss had the same exact issue with a brain tumor and his attitude was different every 5 minutes.

Hopefully next year those 2 ladies will be able to volunteer at the local military base where they can holler at the "little people" and get by with it.!
Old 07-31-2018, 12:55:27 PM
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Default Re: Portland Show's Nazi Gestapo

Originally Posted by uglyblue66 View Post

Hopefully next year those 2 ladies will be able to volunteer at the local military base where they can holler at the "little people"
Or do us all a favor and volunteer as Target's
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