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How are winches rated?

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Old 07-24-2003, 09:39:32 AM
Mark T
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Default How are winches rated?

I am interested in purchasing a winch to put on a trailer.

How is a winch rated? If it is rated at 5,000 lb. does that mean it can pull 5,000 rolling on level ground or dead lift it?

I want to get a winch large enough to pull a large engine up onto the trailer and pull my oilpulls up also. The oilpulls weigh 14,000 pounds each. The trailer beavertail has approximately a 20 degree slope for 8 feet. How large of a winch should I get?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 07-24-2003, 10:28:45 AM
Jim Tremble
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Default Re: How are winches rated?


We were just talking about this last night. I was told the reating is---the amount of rolling weight it will pull on a 40 degree grade or slope. ie: 5000 lbs. up a 40 degree slope would take a 5000 lb. winch. The rating for todays winches are under rated. They figure a safty factor of 3. This means, a 5000 lb. winch will or should pul
Old 07-24-2003, 11:10:57 AM
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Default Re: How are winches rated?


We use an 8,000 pound winch with a snatch block to pull up our 1886 10hp Russell & Co. Steam engine on our gooseneck. The engine weighs 10,000+ and this seems to work well.

Old 07-24-2003, 12:41:52 PM
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Default Re: How are winches rated?

I have a 3000 lb. electric winch ( rolling load ) as I couldn't afford larger at the time. I needed something to pull 6000 lbs. onto the trailer so I simply built a snatch block and and it's slow but sure will pull a hefty load, even when I have to skid it. With the Oil Pulls, I would surely think loading them slowly would be ideal along with safest. The snatch block idea may be something to consider and would reduce the cost of a larger winch. I swear on mine !
Old 07-24-2003, 05:51:05 PM
allen lapage
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Default Re: How are winches rated?

Dont forget the more wraps of cable on the drum the faster the pull and also the less pounds of pull. Some mfg will tell you when they rate their winches that the rating is for the first layer on the drum, or the second layer. It does make a difference.
Old 07-24-2003, 08:32:04 PM
Kevin Beitz
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Default Re: How are winches rated?

A few weeks ago I needed to move some logs in my woods where I could not take my tractors... So I got on E-bay and bought a 8000# winch... What a waste of good money ... I busted it twice trying to move one 30 foot long 20" log... When you buy one, get the best you can afford...
Old 07-24-2003, 11:15:04 PM
Ken Majeski
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Default Re: How are winches rated?

I have a 8,000 pound Ramsey winch (the type to mount in a reciever hitch ) It will pull my little Case engine (about14,000) up on my Goosneck trailer while on the dead level (no loading dock) with a snatch block. Speed is about right. Speed is a little fast with a single line but OK with smaller loads. If I have a little uneven ground and the ramps are not so steep I will usually drive it on but the winch sure is nice if things are a little wet. I have a smaller trailer also and with the reciever hitch thing I can transfer it to the other trailer to load gas engines as they are not self propelled...
Old 07-24-2003, 11:48:29 PM
Gary Pflum
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Default Re: How are winches rated?

The winch ratings are determined by dead lift on the the first row of cable on the drum. The more rows of windings the less leverage the winch has. Snatch blocks always lighten the working load while doubling the work time. My saying is it is always time verses money, You can buy time, so it all comes down to money.
Old 07-25-2003, 10:18:31 PM
Dave Speed
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Default Re: How are winches rated?

As previously stated, read the manual. They should tell you what the rating means.

If you follow the link to the attached, it will give you a good idea about what it takes to move a rolling load up a ramp. Or in the mud.

A good electric is OK, but I prefer a PTO and a good cable.


Rigging Manual
Old 07-26-2003, 12:09:47 AM
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Default Re: Just gotta ask

Why is everyone so dang hellbent on a high priced winch for loading and unloading engines off a trailer when the same task can be accomplished with a capstain on a 90 degree gearbox, prefferably driven by a hit & miss engine?


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