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Antique Engine Archives All archived posts from 1999 to 2004 when SmokStak was on EnginAds. This is a read-only board.

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Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

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Old 10-09-2001, 07:48:54 PM
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Default Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

I bought and traded engines and never a serious problem. But I always wondered about what some folks considered restored? One engine I bought I was told was fully restored and it's a great runner and a fine engine too. New paint and only worn parts replaced. But other things like the piston rings and babbit bearings were original but not worn, so they were just cleaned. This was fine by me. But some of my other engine buddys conclude that restored or fully restored means all parts are new or replaced? Or maybe just the engine being 100 o/o complete and clean means only restored?
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Old 10-09-2001, 08:40:32 PM
Steve Gerot
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Default Re: Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

In all other hobbies I have ventured into 100%restored meant returned to factory specs. A good example of an unrestored original being prefured over restored. I cant say the same applies here. I have learned that in most cases with antique gas engines it is excepted to call anything that turns freely and has compression a running engine.Although I think a good original is still prefured. So the less you replace the better if the part is in good for paint I have seen many opinions on how far it should be gone before needing repainted. Just my 2 cents worth.
Old 10-09-2001, 08:58:35 PM
Denny Foster
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Default Re: Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

In my travels I have seen engines that would run but every single bushing and pin completely worn out and a fresh coat of paint regardless of color being advertised as restored engines, I am of the opinion that if the engine has been brought back to factory spec.s as close as possible and paint of the correct color has been applied properly then I would consider the engine restored. However I have seen a lot of what I call over restoration as well castings being smoothed out with filler and hand rubbed lacquer paint jobs etc. They look nice but I doubt any came from the factory looking like that. I personally prefer an engine in it's original "work clothes" so to speak. My two cents!

Old 10-09-2001, 09:44:59 PM
Steve Gerot
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Default Re: Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

Sound like my 1st engine. I was the same color as it, green and the seller seen me comming a mile away. Now I have a nice shinny piece of junk. Oh well I like to repair them except for the expence. The same goes with cars I used to drive my old Studebaker every where I went and the shinny ones went on trailers.
Old 10-10-2001, 03:30:22 AM
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Default Re: Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

Hi there,

We had the same question asked just last year over here in Australia in relation to the categories for awards at rallies.

As there was some argument to what was what. For example an engine that has had every moving piece replaced could be considered "reconditioned" or "rebuilt (even though it looks great)as opposed to "restored"

And also how original is original is this an engine you pulled out of a shed after 50 years and gave it two cranks and away it went? or is some tinkering allowed?? if so how much?

I guess in the end it all comes down to how the individual interpreted the word and engine in question ie is castle, castle (pronounced castle) or castle (pronounced carstle)or is color, colour or color????

In my opinion there is pleantly of room in our hobby for the "reconditioners", "rebuilders" and the "restorers" and the answer the which one you might be in the one which you feel most comfortable with.


Old 10-10-2001, 08:47:42 AM
David Greenwalt
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Default Re: Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

According to Webster's : (re-store, to bring back to an earlier or normal condition / to restore an old house, to restore a patients health). Now, since they can't restore a person by putting all new parts in, I would say it means to bring an engine back to the condition it was in new, whether old, used, or rebuilt parts are used. (O-rig-i-nal : made, done, thought, etc. for the first time, not copied, fresh, new). For an engine to be original, every single piece would have to be the piece that came on it, once you replace a part, it is no longer the original part. If you wanted to get real picky, by definition, the only original engine is the very first one of that model made, the rest are copies of the first one. (re-con-di-tion : to put back in good condition by cleaning, repairing, etc.) Speaks for itself. Unless you are trying to classify to give awards, just call them what you wish, and have fun.
Old 10-10-2001, 12:19:18 PM
Ken Majeski
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Default Re: Restored ,fully retored, 100 o/o restored?

I have been in this hobby for over 30 years and have never liked the word restored. Maybe restored to operating condition would be better. I have never considered any of my equipment restored, just repaired and painted as needed. Yet some people near here would paint up to a greasy or hard to clean spot and all of their stuff was restored. It ran just like that also......

Ken's old engine page


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