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Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Isuszu Generators

Honda EM6500 disable automatic choke?

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Old 04-29-2013, 06:20:29 PM
John Mc John Mc is offline
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Default Honda EM6500 disable automatic choke?

I've got a Honda EM6500sx generator with an automatic choke. I'd like to disable this and just run the choke manually. The mechanical linkage is such that I can force the choke on by pulling out the choke lever, but pushing the lever in doesn't force it off -- it just lets the automatic choke function take over.

The mechanical part of getting the choke lever to force the choke off, I can deal with, but disabling the automatic part has me stumped. It appears there is some sort of vacuum line or something, along with various other parts that I need to disable and possible remove. Does anyone have any pointers for doing this?

My reasons for doing this are two-fold: 1) the automatic function seems to want to keep the choke on way too long. The engine sputters along making smoke long past the point where reaching into the linkage to hold the choke off lets the engine run smoothly. 2) I'm going to be converting this to run on either propane or gasoline. I did this on my old Generac 4000EXL with good results, but it has a manual choke. I'm told that the choke is not needed when running on propane, and can actually make it harder to start.
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Old 05-02-2013, 11:39:22 AM
Bassplayer1985 Bassplayer1985 is offline
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Default Re: Honda EM6500 disable automatic choke?

You can either:

Remove the linkage to choke flap
Remove the Choke flap: dont do this if you plan running gas at a later time
Disable choke solenoid by disconnecting it

No need to choke on propane, there is a primer button on demand regulator. I converted my 7000EXL to tri fuel, but got a spare choke lever, cut it so size and have original as spare.
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Old 05-04-2013, 11:49:40 AM
John Mc John Mc is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Monkton, Vermont
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Default Re: Honda EM6500 disable automatic choke?

This will be a tri-fuel conversion (Just like I did on the Generac 4000EXL you're advising me on), so I'll still need the choke, I just need it to be fully manual operation.

There is a metal bracket which more-or-less makes an inverted "U" shape over the carb. This bracket supports the existing manual choke lever: pulling it out forces the choke ON. Pushing it in does not turn the choke off, it just releases the pressure holding the choke off. Hoever, the choke seems to be spring load to be ON. If I reach a finger in and push the choke linkage to off, it slowly drifts back to ON. This happens even when the engine is not running.

The other thing the U bracket supports is a mechanism with what appears to be two vacuum lines running to it. The lines appear to activate a plunger which pushes the choke off after the engine warms up. If I disconnect these lines, I believe the choke will be ON all the time (as it is when the engine is not running). So merely disconnecting these doesn't appear to solve my problem. (If I do disconnect them, would I plug the lines?)

I wouldn't mind stripping this whole bracket and plunger assembly off, if there is a good way to connect something else to the choke linkage to set the choke (and has some detents or something to keep the choke from drifting on or off from vibration.)

Am I missing a simpler way to do this? What I'm seeing is that merely disconnecting things will leave the choke on all the time. If I figure where the spring is holding the Choke ON and remove that, it seems as though it will just swing freely, and vibration may change the choke position.

Is there an illustrated parts diagram available line for these? The owner's manual is worthless.
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Old 02-03-2017, 06:56:13 PM
Asti Asti is offline
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Default Re: Honda EM6500 disable automatic choke?

I suspect this thread is way out of date and no longer active but I'm hopeful John will see it at some point. I have a similar problem with the auto choke on my Honda EM6500. It stays shut longer than it should, especially in the NH winter, and blows black smoke for a while before running right. I bought the service manual and see where the auto choke is embedded in the carburetor and operated by both a thermal wax push rod and an auto throttle cam. Part of the problem with even removing choke control lever to disconnect these is that the spring tension then closes the choke. Definitely not designed to run manual despite the essentially useless manual choke lever. Be interested to hear if you were able to manage the conversion.
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