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Generac Generators (SEARS, etc.) Restoring, maintaining and operating Generac generators.

Generac Generators (SEARS, etc.)

Generac Rocker Cover Gasket

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Old 11-18-2013, 04:26:48 PM
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Default Generac Rocker Cover Gasket

I brought my 2-year old Generac XG7000 out of the garage for a test last month. Fired it up, and powered the house for an hour.

As I was packing it up to put it back for the winter, I noticed some oil had seeped from around the Rocker Cover area. A closer inspection showed that a bit had splattered around the exhaust manifold on the left side, and was dripping from the bottom on the right side. Neither was a sizable leak, but enough to notice (a drop or two).

Being that I had exactly 2 weeks left on the 2-year manuf warranty, I packed it up and dropped it off at the nearest service center. They determined it was indeed a rocker cover leak, replaced the gasket (part oc3150), applied sealant, and I picked it up 3 weeks later.

I brought it out for another test run, and's still leaking the same amount of oil. I called the shop, and they told me that they tested it before they returned it, but I should bring it back in. It appears that they did something to it, since I can see that gasket sealant was applied.

I decided to first troubleshoot it a bit (since lugging this 300 pound generator in and out of the car is a major pain in the a$$), and it seems they used a good amount of sealant and failed to tighten the bolts on the cover. I snugged them down a bit, but it's still seeping oil.

Rather than bring it back to them, I'm thinking of replacing the gasket myself first. I'll have the part by wednesday, but I'm wondering if Generac recommends using gasket sealant, and if so, which one? I know a lot of the newer auto gaskets have sealant impregnated into the fibers and it cures with heat. I'm wondering if the repair shop may have over-applied sealant, which is contributing to my current problem.

Thoughts? Anyone know Generac's recommended replacement protocol?
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Old 11-18-2013, 06:03:29 PM
Bassplayer1985 Bassplayer1985 is offline
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Default Re: Generac Rocker Cover Gasket

3 weeks to replace a valve cover gasket?! Least it was under warranty but damn that's ridiculously long to wait.

If its not leaking THAT bad, I'd order a new gasket. SCRAPE AWAY ALL OF THE OLD GASKET MATERIAL! Lot of times the dealership techs throw one one there without first cleaning the surface really good till its flat. Any small piece will not make a flat mating surface and cause small leaks.

I would only use a gasket sealant if after doing a good cleaning and proper torquing of the cover bolts its still leaking. That would indicate worse case scenario that the surface is not flat on either the valve cover gasket or the head itself. The valve covers themselves will warp faster than the head being that they are thinner metal.

A Permatex form a gasket tube would be my recommendation, just make sure it can handle up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or better.

Not that it may be a problem but aside from not torqueing down bolts to spec or imperfect non-flat mating surfaces you may want to look into overheating of the engine. Air cooled engines need good breathing air to cool themselves. its not uncommon to see exhaust temps get to 900 degrees or hotter at the exhaust, anywhere from 300-400 degrees around the cylinder. Food for thought

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Old 11-18-2013, 07:52:05 PM
BlkBeard BlkBeard is offline
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Default Re: Generac Rocker Cover Gasket

I like to clean the surfaces with scotch-brite pad, either by hand or there are rotary discs for a die grinder, (if using the die grinder discs use the fine ones. The coarse are too aggressive for aluminum) apply a thin coating of 3M super weather stripping adhesive to both sides of the new gasket and let skin a few minutes. re-install the valve cover and torque down evenly. bring all the bolts to contact, go around again and snug them a little more, go around a final time to tighten.

hope this helps
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