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Maytag Engine Collectibles Maytag engines, washing machines, mowers and other engine driven tools for the farm.

Maytag Engine Collectibles

Easy Removal of Alcohol from your gasoline!

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Old 07-30-2010, 11:00:49 PM
joesow joesow is offline
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Wink Easy Removal of Alcohol from your gasoline!

Today's gasoline is supposed to have a 10% ethanol (Grain Alcohol) content. I have just found some to have about 22% ethanol and that is bad news for Maytag Engines or any old engine as it will corrode brass parts badly to the point of ruin. I had my Maytag engines damaged from this gas due to the high alcohol content. Never leave your tank full of this god awful stuff for very long. (IT WILL STICK YOUR BALL CHECK VALVES IN THE GAS TANK PICK UP PIPE VERY EASILY)

It is very simple to remove the alcohol with water. Find a large clear bottle (Like the 5 gallon water bottles sold everywhere) and your about in business.

I use one of these clear bottles and add 3 gallons of pump gas and one gallon of water and shake it up for a couple of minutes to thoroughly mixed the water with the alcohol. (Alcohol absorbs water) Once it settles down you will see a definite stratification of Gasoline and a new mixture of water and alcohol. I then siphon the gas off into my gas can and I now have PURE gasoline ready to mix for my engines. All engines will run better with pure gasoline. Stihl chainsaw dealers are cautioning owners about the perils of "Gasohol".

I suggest you make a mark on your Clear tank at the one gallon water level and you will be surprised at how much the stratification will appear above the original level indicating how much alcohol you just removed from your gasoline.

Try it! it's easy and it works every time. You will find varying levels of alcohol/water level due to the different amounts of alcohol added to your gasoline. Most is above the mandated 10%.

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Old 07-31-2010, 12:02:40 AM
Bill Sherlock Bill Sherlock is offline
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Default Re: Easy Removal of Alcohol from your gasoline !

I used the same procedure a couple of months ago using a glass gallon jug with a liter of water and 3 liters of ethanol gas. I siphoned off the gas remaining above the water into a metal gallon gas can and used most of it in my lawnmower engine. I subsequently ran into a rust problem with the gas tank on the lawnmower and wasn't sure if it was due to the tank on the mower or from the gas can which I had bought at a yard sale some time previous. I poured the remaining gas from the gas can into a large glass measuring cup and was surprised to see about 4 oz. of water and 6 oz. of gas remaining. The gas can was rust free so the rust problem was in the mower tank. I'm assuming there must have been some ethanol remaining in the gas that I siphoned off that wasn't absorbed by the water, which then in turn absorbed moisture from the air in the gas can.

Since then I poured 10 oz. of Shell V-Power premium (non ethanol gas) into the same metal can an left it for about 40 days. When I checked it with the same glass measuring cup, there was no water.

I'll probably try the ethanol removal experiment again but siphon the gas into another glass container before pouring it into the metal gas can. Then I'll leave it for about 30 days to see if it absorbs moisture from the air. If it does, I'm assuming that all the ethanol wasn't absorbed by the water.

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