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560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

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Old 10-12-2011, 09:34:16 AM
jgiesler jgiesler is offline
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Default 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

I have been working on my dad's 560 Farmall for quite sometime and am at a point where I need some help and nobody around here seems to know anything about the problem that I have. What it is doing is, when the tractor is running the power hitch will not respond very well with the movement of the lever. When the hitch is fully raised or fully lowered, it loads the engine up--the hydraulics are not going over relief like they are supposed to. I have went thru the valve and resealed them all. The gears in the hitch valve have 2 teeth broken off of them--I am sure this doesn't help anything. From what I gather, these gears are mainly for use in like a draft position for the hitch, so I wasn't too concerned about replacing them. I did put a jumper hose in the rear outlets and circulated oil and then everything worked perfect. The hitch would go up and down like it is supposed to and wouldn't load the engine up when it was stopped. Do any of you have any idea what my issue could be? It seems that the oil is not going thru a valve when it is supposed to and the pump builds pressure then. Any help or advice will be greatly appriciated, I'm tired of beating my head on this problem!
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Old 10-12-2011, 10:47:33 AM
Ironsides Ironsides is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

Be careful I had a similar problem with my Fordson Power Major and she blew the control box and valve box off the gearbox.When I pulled the broken bits apart the bypass valve was jammed closed.In the meantime I would suggest running her with your bypass hose arrangement in the loop however I am not qualified---just a bush mechanic who manages to keep things running.Norm
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Old 10-12-2011, 02:57:13 PM
ehpower2 ehpower2 is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

well if its not going past the relief valve i would serious consider replacing that as that is a safety from blowing a weak link in your system. As it builds up pressure it should trigger the relief valve or i would also check the setting if its an adjustable relief valve that it is not set to high. If the setting or the valve is not working it will allow the pump to try and give the pressure and flow your asking of it and eventually that will wear out the pump. Just a guess though
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Old 10-12-2011, 11:46:35 PM
Sonny Reese Sonny Reese is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

Are you talking about the fast hitch???----if so, the back lift cylinder has an outside linkage hooked to the control valve, (at least mine does) and mine would pull the engine down.---part of the link was broken!---if you move the shorter valve handle ( the outer one ) back away from full raise position mine would run free again.----I have taken my fast hitch off and have a full 3-point hitch to put on the tractor so it can become useful! thanks; sonny
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Old 10-12-2011, 11:59:03 PM
pegasuspinto pegasuspinto is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

The gears in the tel-a-depth valve are vital to the system, if you have broken teeth it will never work right. new gears are DAMN expensive too. You can pull that valve and replace it with a standard valve like the other two already there, and have a manual hitch. These tractors have an auxillary circuit that controls pressure...when a valve calls for pressure, it signals the relief valve to close.

I got my tel-a-depth to 'sorta' work but instead of finding it's spot, it hunts up and down and never settles down...

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Old 10-13-2011, 05:25:31 PM
Mike Hole Mike Hole is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

On the 560 460 ect and maybe other models theres a way to change the auxillary hydrauic spools from either double or single acting cylinders.This is accomplished by rotating the spool in the bore. The rotation is limited by a roll pin in the spool and a metal clip on the end of the valve body.If the roll pin breaks it allows the spool to rotate too far and allows oil to bypass.It creates heat and will cause all kinds of erattic operation of both the hitch,auxillary hydraulics,and even the power steering.
It might not be the cause of you're trouble but it's definately worth checking out.It will cause the the problem you're having.I've been there before.
It's easy to check but kind of a pain to replace the pins.
Good luck
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Old 10-14-2011, 12:52:26 PM
jgiesler jgiesler is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Ferdinand, IN
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

Thanks for the suggestions on what to try. It does heat oil if the tractor is started and just idles a few minutes. You can feel the manifold, where the hose from the pump outlet hooks to, getting warm. I am thinking that something broke because it seemed to have done this all at once. We have had this tractor about 3 yrs now and have yet to put a mounted corn picker on it--the reason my dad wanted it (have a 460 with a picker on it already). It worked fine and last winter I had to go thru the engine and when I got it started back up I had this issue. Does the tech manual from the factory have an oil schematic in it? If I had that I could possibly figure it out. Is replacing the tel-a-depth valve with a standard valve like the other 2 on the tractor a good fix?
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Old 01-27-2014, 12:21:13 AM
Engine3 Engine3 is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

I too have a similar problem. I had the cylinder rebuilt, and a short time later the fast hitch will not work correctly. It will lift and when it's all the way up, it acts like it's still trying to lift. I can stop that part by moving the handle to the half way down mark, but the hitch will not go down unless I shut the tractor off to relieve the pressure. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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Old 01-27-2014, 02:00:31 AM
Old-F20 Old-F20 is offline
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Default Re: 560 Farmall hydraulic hitch problem

My 560 did that and I unhooked the tel a depth altogether. I was told by and old mechanic that once parts got wore to a certain point many of the valves would continually 'search' up and down but never find neutral. I went to the junkyard and got a regular valve like used for the remotes with no tel a depth portion and it works great now.

every once in a while mine would search real hard while it would top out the fast hitch and the hydraulic pump would just scream like no other.
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