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“DELCO” DON WILEY Auction.......too late now :(

Craig A

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WOW........I found this while searching for something TOTALLY unrelated and thought "HOW the HECK did THIS not get posted"....... :(

It's over now but....... http://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/1348331.html

Partial quote...
DELCO & MAYTAG: Delco power plant engines 32 volts (2) show ready, 4 cylinder Delco light plant, Delco power plant engines (several), Delco power plant with 2 wheel trailer and top show ready, Delco glass battery wood boxes, Maytag motor, 32 volt motors, 32 volt water pump piston type, Tiny Tims motors, Maytag exhaust pipes, Delco radios 32 volt & 120 volts, Delco light generators (2), Delco motors some 32 volts, Maytag washing machines old style, Homelite power plant, Delco battery charging system (works), mag & fly wheels for Maytag, Governor Maytag.

DELCO-MAYTAG ADVISERTISING: Delco advertising signs, Delco light patches, salesmans sample Delco lighting business, Delco light sign J.P. Cox Baldwin Metal, Delco oil can 5 gal, Advertising Delco fan, Maytag multi-motor oil cans, Maytag household oil can, Maytag funnel can, Maytag lubricant for wringer washer cans , Maytag wrenches, Maytag oil measuring cup, Maytag spark plugs, Maytag match book, Delco Light Dealer Convention March 1920 token, Delco 1928 pins, Delco light advertising whistle, Delco wrenches, Delco light farm electricity egg separator, Thresherman’s buttons Pinckneyville & other locations, lots of International tractor & JD wrenches, John Deere 800 hit miss engine (Nice), International Cub lowboy (Nice), Lots of IH wrenches from open end to monkey, Ford wrenches, Farmall parts catalogue for Cub, small wood wagon, Case IH paint, Delco salesman sample power plant.


Wow is right. What a shame that it wasn't advertized on here. Did anybody go? How were the prices going?


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IIRC it was posted on Enginads a while back? I do remember seeing a link to the auction which I checked out.

George Kulisiewicz

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You know I hate hearing about missing a good auction but Im glad some of these auctions fly under the radar. Before the internet was big and Harrys was even scratched on paper you had to find an auction the old fashioned way by skimming the papers..... As a young man it made it possible for me to score a nice engine once in awhile without breaking my little piggy bank. I hope some guys got some good deals.


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This ran January 24th at 12:32 AM...

RobGill2008 has uploaded one or more ads to your classifieds.

Title: For Sale Don Wiley's Estate Auction God Bless March 3rd 9:00AM 2012
Keywords: Delco Don Wiley IL
Description: Hello Bob,

I wanted to let you know that we have an auction scheduled for dad's things on March 3 and 4. His tools, engines, and other collectibles will sell on Saturday while the household things will sell on Sunday. A few items we are selling on ebay.

I have not been able to log on to the smokestak site's forum and wonder if you would mind posting the dates for us, if one can do that on their forum. The auctioneer is starting to post some pictures and information at the following site:



Thank you for your help, maybe we will see you there.

-- LeaAnn [Wiley] West Every day I will bless Thee, And I will praise Thy name forever and ever. Psalm 145:2 Location: Paducah, Kentucky USA Photo: don_wiley_delco_don_wiley.jpg Link to ad:


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I saw the ad and I went to the auction and it was amazing how many Delco's he had collected.
I spent $1,400.00 and came home with a truck load.
I wish I would have had more money to spend.
It actually was a very sad day to see his great collection spread like ashes in the wind.
I was also very sad to see the prices that the some of the complete Delco's and parts units were bringing.
There was only about 5 serious collectors at the sale, sadly there were two guys buying units to scrap.
So needless to say a lot of history went to the junk yard a few days latter.

My goal was to buy the Delco Light demonstrator trailer that he had built.
Unfortunately I ran to $1.300.00 and had to quit due to a lack of money, there was only two of us bidding on it. I did manage to purchase his four cylinder for $600.00 it is in great shape, good paint and it runs.

Most of the other Delco's went for what I will call pennies on the dollar.
I bought a Little Joe for $60.00, A two cylinder water cooled unit nice paint for $120.00
I bought a 32 volt welder for $40.00, 32 volt Kenmore hand sweeper for 20.00
A 32 volt battery charger for 9.00, delco gas can 50.00, three delco mufflers for 9.00
Two 7-B-12 Delco units for 28.00, 5 gallon Delco oil can 45.00
I had 19 tickets all together, I wish I could have bought more.
It was a miserably cold day but I wasn't going to miss it.

I thought I would have known at least one person there. I've been going to Portland since 1976 and I thought someone would look familiar.
Then the strangest thing happened at the end of the sale, A man walked up to me to give me a little history about the two cylinder that I had purchased. Turns out he and Don had worked on the engine together.
We talked for a little bit and he invited me to go to supper with him and three other guys.
They were all engine collectors from that area and I had been bidding against them all day.
So here I am breaking bread with total strangers, men who should be upset with me for running the bid up on them and wining some of the bids. As we were trying to pay for our meals we found out that the auctioneer had already paid for them. It was truly an amazing evening. Gary took me and the other guys to see his huge collection of gas engines and we set there for a couple of hours and talked, you would have thought that I had known these men for years. I just goes to show you that Delco's do collect the nicest people....just like the bumper stickers says. Dr. Delco made those up years ago.



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Almost as sad as missing the sale bill and the sale itself, is running in to people that talk as if they were good friends with him that didn't even know he was gone.

Guy that messed up our Delco light plant engine (among other things) at the show in Freeport decided to try "Name Dropping" and mentioned maybe he'd have to give Delco Don a call and discuss the engine a little bit. I told him that would be a little hard to do concidering he Died last year. Then he stormed off all Mad at me for knowing something he didn't, but at the same time, I never pretended or claimed to Know Don personally. (same guy broke the timing gear on someone elses engine last year after being told Not to Touch it)

Even though I didn't know Don, and couldn't afford to buy anything, I would have liked to have been there, for moral support if nothing else.
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