1/2 scale Phoenix Log Hauler

Marv in Minn

i'm currently building a 1/2 scale Phoenix log hauler.
i've wanted to do this for years and finally jumped in head first.
i started measuring and photographing the Phoenix at Osage, Ia. last march.
i've been back a number of times as well as being at their show
and the Wabeno show last summer.
i have drawn the whole engine in my Cad-Cam program
but most parts are regular welding and machining.
my frame is 5" channel, 12'long.
i'm building one with the in-frame water tank like the Wabeno Phoenix.
the 3" cylinder castings are from Tiny Power.
Joel, the boiler inspector, thought i might need a heavier barrel in the first pic. :)



Fantastic looking project! About what dia. on the boiler barrel? It would be really neat to see it in the build process. Chris

Paul E

New member
Marv thanks for the updates of the progress. I am still working on track repair of the full sized Phoenix in Wabeno. Hope to get some pictureson here soon. Paul

Marv in Minn

the 1/2 scale smokestack is built from a 10" fire bell top radius,
a 2" thick x 10" diameter solid plate machined in and out,
trim ring of a 1/2" rod machined to a half round and rolled around
a 6" pipe.
(i had a quotes of $1650 and $2900 to make metal spinnings for the top)

the steam dome lagging cover is the bottom of a 20#propane tank
with a 3/8 rod edge.



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Great project! One question - are you going to make it steer from the cab or just from the front? Always liked these engines and would like to see one in person some day. Boiler looks top notch by the way:)

Gary K

The Phoenix Log Hauler has 2 steam engines, one on each side driving that individual track . . . am I correct?

If that's the case, when turning, is one engine ran faster, and the other ran slower, producing a power turn?