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1/3 Scale Case traction engine


I see a 1/3 scale case for sale ebay# 270374097876. dose anyone know builders they are the Thurmer Brothers?



That is our engine. We inherited it from our Grandfather.

The Thurmer Bros. were based out of Jackson Minnesota and Robert Thurmer is still alive and living there. I spoke with him about 2 weeks ago. Nobody thought this one still existed. Much less in the excellent condition it is in.

They hand built (3) different engines.

The first was a 1/2-3/4hp steamer that is smaller in scale than ours which was the 2nd one they built. It is currently located in S. Dakota according to Mr. Thurmer.

Ours is a 1.5-2hp model that is 4'-0" tall & 7'-0" long. They built ours in 1957.

The 3rd is a larger model and I can't remember the size. The Thurmers kept that one and recently gave it to the Butterfield Threshers Association.

I have been waiting for weeks to get a an account here to let you guys know about it before it goes to auction this weekend.

We would rather sell it directly so somebody who we know will appreciate and care for this piece as our grandfather did. it is in excellent condition and still well lubricated. it's been around 20 years since it last ran. It was stored in a conditioned & insulated garage it's entire life. Our Grandfather was the only owner and purchased it from the Thurmer Bros. in 1963. It was run a couple times about every other summer and in a couple shows.

The boiler certificate is dated August 12, 1963 and it obviously will need to be reinspected. Both of the other tractors built by the Thurmers have had recent inspections and passed so we are pretty confident that ours will as well.

If anyone is interested please contact me at 480-296-3303 or chad@l4studio.com

I can email pictures that were taken in October 08.




Our tractor is going to auction this weekend, 5/2 & 5/3, in Earlham IA.

Here is a link to the auction website:


The caption under the picture of the tractor is incorrect. Here is a brief background and description:

1957 Thurmer Brothers 1/3 Scale J.I. Case replica steam tractor

This engine was built in 1957 by The Thurmer Brothers of Jackson, MN. They hand built (3) different models and sizes of steam engines and this was the second – hence Engine #2 on the paperwork.

I spoke w/ Robert Thurmer approximately 2 weeks ago. He told me that the other 2 tractors are still around and they did not think this one existed anymore. Probably because it has not been bought & sold like the other smaller Engine #1 that is in South Dakota. The larger Engine #3 remained under the Thurmer Brothers ownership until 2006 when Robert donated it to the Butterfield Threshers Association. Our grandfather purchased this tractor from the Thurmers on August 27, 1963 and has been the only owner since then.

Our grandfather took very good care of this engine. Always brushed, dried out and kept well lubricated. Robert told me that their other 2 engines have both recently had boiler inspections & ultrasounds and are in great shape. I would be very surprised if this one would not be capable of running with very little work.

Boiler Specs (from 1963 boiler cert):

5'-0" long, 10" dia.
Locomotive type
(10) 1" tubes
Welded longitudinal seam
ASME - 1/2"