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175 & 270 PM Canadien chainsaw


Started cleaning up a couple of my old saws, a 175 and a 270 PM Canadien, the top housing both had the size and model on it, but on the chain guard the size was only stamped on the 270 model, did they make the 175 model with the size stamped in it like the 270 model? Here is a pic of both.


Handi Dandi

Thanx for posting this. I was and am still looking for information on the 270 this article came up when I googled it. Awsome job on the saws.


The 175 canadian made 2 versions a hard to find early model red in color with steel cover,different in design and the later most common black and white saw....pictures attached. For parts, they are hard to find since when the company closed it's door from Vancouver and some employees moved to Guelph ,Ontario, Canada to create the Pioneer saw division,...there were only limited spare parts available at the closure time. These days it is most likely that you need to find a parts saw or donor saw to restore your projects.



I need parts for my175 canadien saw not having much luck.im also want swap a good jonsered 2045 it works well por parts or a partsaw. as long as I can get the parts I need gastank muffler, coil,lever for oiling chain .prolly a chan as long as it not filed down to a nub.startercup.:(