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1882 Edison "Long legged Mary Ann" dynamo


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Goodday all. I thought you may enjoy some photos of my latest find--the above named dynamo. This is the first practical type made by Edison-it was made in May 1882 (type "Z" serial #295)at the Edison machine works in New York city. This model was made for a short time as they discovered it could be made much shorter by 1883, This is possibly the finest example with original paint--something the Henry Ford & the Smithsonian had not seen when I sent them photos! I had it dated by Rutgers university --they have Edisons papers from that time period. Mary Ann is at the Coolspring Power museum at the moment & stored in the heated & "varment proof" Susung building-Thanks Dr. Harvey! Larry Healey Campbellford,Ont.

Note It has not been cleaned up or messy wiring made neat as yet!Larry


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Thanks for sharing this historical piece for everyone to see! I have a number of Edison Dynamos and would love to have one like this...