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1886 Hawkeye Electric Lighting Dynamo


This is a very rare and unusual dynamo manufactured by the Hawkeye Electric Company in Iowa. This company made an entire lighting system to include Dynamos, Motors, Meters, Lightbulbs, Switches, Sockets, etc, etc.. I have never seen or heard of any others of these still in existence.



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Love the gauze "brushes" & oilers intact, Thanks for posting, next post by Ronald also appears to have gauze brushes, the Thomson Houston 4400 lb beast in the EPHF.ca collection is the only unit with these brushes. Always interesting to see visitor reactions to see something other than carbon.


I have never heard of or seen another HAWKEYE Bipolar Motor and that includes public museums I am aware of. Has anyone ever come across or seen another motor like this one here that I own...?

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That is a great piece! I have a motor similar to that , it's German 12" H. Ron
Ron yours appears to be 1920's European stamped name plate motor and mine pictured is a 1886 Hawkeye Bipolar Motors made in Iowa with a "HEAVY CAST ID TAG" name plate on it and honestly see to comparison..:)