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1923 G M C truck at Murray Bridge Rally 2019


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I took some pics of this great old truck at weekend. It's a credit to those whe restored it. Would not be too many (in Aust. at least), surviving. I have more photos and will send when I can. Have some also of a beautiful "Diamond T" on another device and will send if I can work out how to get them on to here!



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, I have more photos of this if interested.[/QUOTE]

Would love to see more photos of the GMC. We have one (the next size smaller) and the 5 th. wheel trailer to go with it. So it is very interesting to us, - ted
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Nathan Woodruff

If you want to know anymore for you restoration the bloke that owns that lives only just down the road from me. I believe it is the only one of that type in Aus.
Regards, Nathan Woodruff