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1928 Lombard Dump Truck walk around


Yesterday Herb Crosby and I had a Leap Day Lombard work day at the Maine Forest & Logging
Museum. The Lombard dump truck has been a frustrating beast - running excellent at times and letting us down
at others. (last time it was towed home) but we think we are winning the battle slow but sure.

Anyway, yesterday we made progress and were able to run the beast out into the sunshine.
Herb filmed a quick little walk around.

We also took the 10 ton Lombard out, broke loose the logging sleds and went for a cruise.
At the moment we only have two logs on the sled. (we simply ran out of time the day we were
loading it) hopefully once we are better setup we can give it a real load.

After making a trip with the sleds we traveled down the road a bit to break-up the ice on the hill.
Usually the rule is that crawler tracks and ice don't mix but since this beast was made to
operate on iced sled roads it handled it with ease.

All good fun!