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1929 Home Construction Video on Youtube


There is a neat video on Youtube.com of a 1929 Home Construction with an antique cement mixer shown as well as an old steel wheeled tractor. Thought someone might like to see this early equipment at work. Just go to youtube.com and search 1929 Home Construction. Any idea on what kind of mixer that is?




Looked like a fordson tractor they were using. Couldnt see the mixer to well. Reminds me of those late nite silent sunday movies they have on TCM on a sunday. I always watch those.


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They started construction in April and the Depression hit in Oct. Wonder if the house stayed in their hands? It would be neat to see a photo of the house today. I would bet its still there unless a road or some other type construction took it.


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What a great flick. Those people had some very serious $$$$ even by 1929 standards to be able to do what they did there. Hope the bottom didnt fall out on them like its done to lots of folks today. I laughed when it stated the masons were fast. Thats when fast still meant quality! It would be interesting to see if the place is still there and whats become of it. Hats off to those bygone laborers who broke their backs making a living the hard way! :D

Tom Kilgore

I had a house that Ive since sold that was built in the 20s and the wall studs were rough cut 4 by 4s and the lumber was pine never found a knot in any wood in it,i tryed to remove a base board once and the nails would break before they would pull out. The rock chimmey was made from small limestone rocks about 3 inchs in dia.they used small wooden dowels to hold the rocks apart to keep them from ozzing out the cement while it dried,the heating system was hot water which moved up by convection thru the radiators and was fired by coal. it always amazed me by the quality of the craftmanship and this before electric saws etc.