1929 McLaughlin-Buick

From 1908 to 1942, Canadian built Buicks were either called McLaughlins or McLaughlin-Buicks.This 1929 Master Model 29-41 Close-Couple sedan was found in the Ottawa valley of Ontario in 1975 by the late Peter Douma of St.Catherines.It was in such bad shape that he had to tie the wood framed body together with rope and bungee cords to get it home ! It took Peter (helpfully a master cabinet maker by trade) 10 years to restore to perfect factory condition. It has a 309 cu.in.6 cylinder OHV engine developing 90 HP.I have been it's owner and caretaker for the past 3 years.Shows what can be done if you set your mind to it.


The big McLaughlin-Buick developed an engine knock a couple of years ago and I parked it until I could find someone to check it out. This summer, a friend (and mechanic) agreed to look at it .On pulling the oil pan,he found 1/2 of a 5/16 bolt.Turns out the bolt that holds a wrist pin to the rod had snapped off.Fortunately there was very little cylinder wall scuffing and she's good to go again.
According to Buick club members, this isn't that rare a problem. If the engine noise seems to be coming from the upper half of the block,check it out ,quick. A number of guys reported having to rebore and sleeve cylinders due to this problem.



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In the US the 29 was known as the Pregnant Buick, looks like the Canadians followed suit with their body.

Very nice job getting to were it is now.
By 1929,most of the Buick bodies were built at Flint and shipped to Canada in the white,that is in primer.They were painted ,assembled,and trimmed out in Canada. The character line above the door handles had a distinct bulge,hence the nickname.


Our Museum (Western Development) has one of those. Nice old car. Yours looks a bit nicer though.