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1929 service station equiptment co. air compressor


This is my first post on this forum.
I have had a 1929 service station equipment co. air compressor for the last 30 or so years. It's always been slow but steady at coming up to pressure. With the lack of use lately it will only come up to about 10psi. It's a single cylinder w/intake and exhaust coming out of the top of the head. I pulled the valves out to clean them and the reed on the intake[more like a small flat disc approx 1/2" in diameter] was damaged. The exhaust valve seemed to work correctly. Is there any possibility of getting parts for this thing or does anyone have any info? I do understand how long of a shot this is, but thought I'd give it one any how.

Doug Kimball

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How thick is the disk & what material?? Does a magnet attract it? Photo of disk & seat might help.


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And don't forget to hydro test the tank! Don't know how big it is, or what the operating pressure is, but odds are good that it's enough to be injurous or deadly were it to fail catastrophically.