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1930 Farmall Regular - 17 Years and Counting!

Ric Murphy

More progress today. Finished grinding the front wheels. Re torqued the head and exhaust manifold. Re set valve clearance. All were a bit loose but I expected that. The welder finished the modifications to the air breather yesterday. Today I did a little dressing to some of the welds, primed, assembled and installed. I’m happy with the result. Only people familiar with these tractors will know it’s not correct. I can live with that for the time being. Next nice day I’ll try crank starting it. I have to modify the hand crank first though. It’s not engaging at the correct spot. I remember when I bought the tractor at auction 17 years ago, none of the tractors had hand cranks with them. But there was a pallet full of hand cranks there. Not sure if the intent was for the buyers to take one or not but that’s what I did. I found one that fit so I threw it in the toolbox before the tractor sold. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right one!