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1937 Diesel Engine Catalog... Anyone Here Buy it on Ebay?

Sooty Jim

If anyone bough the 1937 Diesel Engine Catalog on Ebay recently, PM me I'd like to talk about scanning it. I was bidding on it and prepared to buy it. Knew someone would pounce at the last minute so was prepared to hover. Then the guy I had line up to do some trenching for me shows up and it takes about 2 hours to give him instructions on what I wanted. Just my luck. Give me a chance to make on offer on a chance to scan it, please?


I wish I could have thrown a bid on that catalog as well, I did not even see it. I spy Hall-Scott in the manufacturers index. I would have loved to read the article they had on their diesel. Jim do you know how many catalogs there are in this volume? I am wondering if the "Diesel and Gas Engine Catalog" is a totally different volume or not.


Andrew Albrecht

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i have a diesel engine catalog i loaned it to chuck wendel and he used some of the names and photos from it for volume 2. what name engines you looking for?

Sooty Jim

I use the entire volume for reference and to scan images as Wendell did. I have a column called "Vintage Smoke" in Diesel World magazine and it covers many types, makes and models of diesel engines, so my needs are broad. Having a small office already full of reference material for the many things I write about, I'm not necessarily keen to have the original documents. It's almost preferable when I have the chance to scan them in their entirety at high resolution and refer to them digitally as needed. I have some fairly high end scanning gear, including a large format scanner to get the large pages as found in those catalogs. If I could clone myself and work 24/7, I'd scan most everything in my office!