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1939 Minneapolis Moline GT


It is loaded right up with generator,electrics and the rare pto option. Did it have a hydraulic pump mounted to pto? One sold last week in AB did. Have a 40 and a 42 Gta as well as a parts GT. All came from Ab. MY Gt has the original 32 inch rubber. 42 on full steel


No never had hydraulics. I seen that one on RB I was interested in it but then I found this one. They would look good on steel!

Duey C

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Great looking GT Dan!
Heavy'd up, modern'd up ol' 21-32 dolled up for the ball. :) Looks naughty on that fresh rubber! Rides smooth I bet and "pulls like a bull pup"...
They do look great on steel too don't they?
GB, on the GT's, is the shaft extended on that side to drive the 17-28 style PTO gearbox?
Thank you for showing your very nice GT! I do like my rusty older models but that's a handsome, tough 403 engined tractor.
"Built to do the work, not to meet a price."