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1945 Dodge Truck Box


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An S-10 frame completely removes this vehicle from discussion as to year and model. A Late-model frame swap says “screw you” to originality. Who really cares, now?
Hey Craig, did ol’ Chet K. have S-10s under his military vehicles?
I was just thinking about that!
Gentlemen, I have wasted too much time on this site and bid farewell!
Between the name-dropping, the idiotic discussions about phantom 1945 trucks and the Onan stuff I am gone!
Think how much smarter you’ll be without me!

High Voltage

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I'm pretty sure you missed the point of what this post was about. I was simply looking for advice as to where I could find a new box for my dad's truck. You questioned the year, so we tried figuring it out. You didn't notice the shiny chevy 350 in the front? :shrug: Clearly original was never in question. It's a custom truck that I would like to know the year of the cab.

Tracy T

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little late in the game, I had a 47 or 48 power wagon and judging from your pictures the cab looks the same. right down to where a light mounts on the passanger side of the cowel. does your windshield crank out at the bottom? from what i remember dodges had a screwy wheel base, that being said a dodge box may not fit! you have changed the frame therefore wheelbase probably has changed as well. need to take some measurments! as far as a box just about anything from that era orignal or aftermarket should be doable as long as it does not have the logo stamped into the tailgate. compare a 40's chevrolet, ford whatever and see if they look close. not a whole heap of support for older dodges, IHC trucks etc.

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upon futher inspection of your pictures i see some subtle differences, either yours dont have the cowel vent, or it has been deleted, or i just cant see it in the photos. does not look like your windshield cranks out either, mine had a hinged seperate frame for the glass. I defenitley wouldnt call it a pile-O- parts! more like a work of art!:D

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Oh so much disimformation on the web, and it shows right here in this thread regarding vent windows in the doors. the 47 or 48 i had didnt have vent windows. 13k orignal miles and spent just about its whole life on my greatgrand fathers farm.