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1947? Precision Chain Saw

Bill Sherlock

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Re: 1947 ? Precision Chain Saw

Quite the looking contraption! Looks like it uses a saw blade rather than a chain? Have you had it running?



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Re: 1947 ? Precision Chain Saw

No it’s not a runner. It does use a chain. I’m told it’s a unique chain and hard to find.

Sonny Reese

Cant picture how a chain could go in there,---bar is like a bowbar style.--engine looks kinda like a Tech. (power products).--looks more like a bandsaw. -- can you remove part of the bar to show pic. of the actual chain??? ----I have seen some unusual units in my 73 years, BUT this one is tops!! Real interesting to say the least! ---- old engine parts are out there, takes a lot of research to find them.