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1950’s Chris Craft Zenith Carburetor

Paul Spence

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While at an out of the way “FLEA” market I sometimes go to, I bought a previously seen, big, old cast iron Zenith carburetor #10870A that had a MARINE spark arrestor :uhoh: on the intake. The owner said it was a spare for his once owned, mid 50’s, twin Hercules, flat head, 130HP EACH, powered Chris Craft boat. I just love the related stories folks share with you ;) when you buy things, or just talk with them. A little research on the internet came up with the Hercules engine being a model “M”, JXD or JXLD rated at 130HP @3,000 rpm. I found some pictures of rebuilt model “M” engines with the Zenith carburetor on them. It’s just an addition to my small, unusual carburetor collection :confused: , where I’m just trying to have fun ;) , even in NJ :confused: on the way through :shrug: .


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Oh man would I LOVE to have the whole boat that goes to that carburetor! :D And I've never owned a boat in my whole life!! :crazy:


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I have a Chris-Craft marinized Hercules JXLD in my back driveway, Keith... even has the transmission, so that's a big step closer to having the whole thing... just need the hull, right?


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If you guys want an old wooden boat, a friend of mine can build one for you from scratch. He is in the Fingerlakes region of NY and builds some very nice boats if you can afford them.
Added a couple of pics of one of the boats he built.