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1953 Briggs & Stratton Model 6


I don't see a ID tag on it. Could it be a model N ? I am still learning about these engines. I am learning there are lots of mismatched parts and engines out there. I own some of them myself.


I just went and looked at my square blower housing model 6 and it has the air vane governor and had a recoil starter at one time, but now has a rope cup starter mounted on it. Still has the recoil starter holes in the blower housing. I prefer the square blower housing look over the older style.


Nice looking engine. I assume it is still a work in progress as I can't see a sparkplug wire and a couple head bolts are loose.

John Newman Jr.

Great looking engine.
RE: previous post about it possibly being a Model N - Could be. I have a Model N with a mechanical governor, but it has taller fins on the head ( I think...) and that cover would not fit like it does on the engine pictures above.
I was always under the impression that the air cleaner snorkel on your engine was a David Bradley exclusive. Do you know what your engine came off of?