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1965 Jacobson Briggs


Hi everyone, I’m still working on restoring my 1952 Clinton I posted about prior but as I’m sure with others new projects seem to find their way home from time to time. Today I found a 1965 Jacobson Victor 21 reel mower the seller said was a 1965 model. It looks original and complete and only require minor work to run. I’ve always wanted an old reel mower and this ones looked like one of the nicer ones I’ve seen in my area so $100 later it was mine. What kind of Briggs is on this and is there any work I should check into on the mower mechanics before attempting to use it?


John Newman Jr.

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Look for numbers stamped in the blower housing. I can see them next to the decal showing in the first picture.
You should find Model, Type and either Serial or Code numbers.
Model and Type will let you find manuals and IPL for your engine.
If it has a Serial Number, you will have to refer to a list (available on this site) to determine when it was made.
If it has a Code Number, you can read the date directly. YYMMDDxx
This is older than 1965. It could be as old as about 1959. Most of the aesthetic features of this engine were phased out in the early 1960s.
I am going to say it's a Briggs model 6B going on the looks of it.
A 6b would have a plate on the engine that says "6B", if there is no plate then it would be a 60000 series engine or an 80000 series engine from about 1959 or later. The early 60000 and 80000 engines looked identical to the previous 6b and 8b engines externally, but Briggs began to change things inside first, such as they dropped the valves with pin-valves, keepers and retainers and went to the regular wedge-style valves, retainers and keepers. The old three-leg ignition coil was ditched soon too.