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1965 Kohler 6.5R22 to be Placed into Service


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Keith, It often takes a "Heat Cure" such as running the engine up to temp a few times to solvent proof a lot of paints. Were either of the rattle cans you used sold as "Engine heat paint?"


If you’re not planning on doing a full-on JohnnyC pro paint job with the fancy automotive paints, try PPG breakthrough. It’s made to adhere to stuff and it’s pretty tough when it dries. I’m not sure how well it would hold up to gasoline, but the PPG people could probably tell you.

Powder coat is also an option if you have the equipment. That stuff is very durable.


I like oldstuff

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I agree with motorhead. Most of this cheap 'fish oil' paint has to be slowly elevated in temperature to outgas those volitiles. A pain in the ass but slowly raising the temp to ~250F over several hours usually hardens it up nicely.


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I could put the test piece in the oven for a while, then try the gasoline test again. It's just an oil filter.

But there are parts on the set that will never really get warm, much less 250*. Some of those parts would be too big for my oven too!

I think I'll look into sourcing better paint and see where that leads...