1971 Pincor Generator with Cast Iron Briggs 9 hp

Colin O

My new project is a Pincor generator model e-3500.
It has a cast iron Briggs 9 hp model #233431 built in 1971. If anyone has any info please send.
I have read that the flywheel magnets have to be repolarized if changing to a pointless coil. Does anyone know if this is true? I have converted a few Briggs to pointless ignition and it was cheap and simple. Hoping to do the same here.

Colin o



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Hi Yes you do have to have the magnets redone to put a magnatron on. The easiest way to convert it is with a Nova module. No magnet problems with it.
I do have them in stock. See the sponsor page for my contact information. Jim's Antique Small Engine Parts.