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2 1/2 Hp. Econmy running problem

Econmy Spender

I have posted on here about starting my 2 1/2 Hp. Econmy before but now that i can easily start it, it won't stay running! Once it starts and runs for a few mintues it will just die, the mixer is choked some to keep it running at the start (about half way if not a little less) and this engine is just idling. I dont know how to keep it running

Thanks, Econmy Spender

Bill Hazzard

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I say start with the ignition. I Guess that you have a Webster. It needs to be adjusted properly to get a good spark.


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I have noticed that on the five mid sized Hercules engines that I have played with, that they seem to need 3/4 to almost full choke to create enough draft through the mixer to draw enough fuel to keep them running if the engine has been slowed down. Choking the engine to start it will fill the bottom of the mixer with a puddle of fuel that will sustain operation for a few minutes...at least until the puddle of fuel is used up. On my engines, there's an ever so slight change in the exhaust note and the engine begins to fire a little more frequently as the puddle of fuel is nearing the end. If the choke isn't closed up more, they do not seem to create enough vacuum to reliably draw fuel.

Andrew Mackey

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You have the Webster tripolar mag. It must wind up at least 45 degrees before tripping off. With the timer set at retard or start, it has to trip off at TDC compression. The exhaust pushrod to detent latch off must be no larger than the thickness of a dime. Any more affects latch off of the mag. There should be minimal play in the ignitor linkages. At rest the screw that contacts the mag trip arm should JUSTtouch the laver. At rest, the mag springs should be parallel and the spring supports and mag trip spring mounts all be in alignment. All 4 posts should touch a ruler when at rest. The spring bushings should all turn easily.

For running, no load, you should have between 1/2 and 3/4 choke As othershave noted, you may have a check ball issue in your fuelpick up. Make sure the screen is clear and that there is no debris in the tank, line, or in the check itself.

Jeremy Hartle

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Something is going away if it starts easy. Most likely fuel or spark. Send me a pm im sorta close