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2 cylinder opposed engine need identified

Mark Julian

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Need help determining what this engine might be from, thinking automobile or possibly tractor. Currently it's setup as a stationary power plant. Missing carburetor and magneto, I do have magneto bracket. Overall cylinder to cylinder length is approximately 5'. Any help is appreciated, will get better pictures after I unload engine. Thanks, Mark



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Yep, and those buggers really spin... take a listen to 'em on Youtube... they're so cool!

Rick Trotnic

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Mark, what's the part number on the gas tank brackets? Something you keeping or trading off . Thanks Rick

D Reachard

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I believe your engine has been correctly identified but also believe it may have also been used in several other rare tractors in that time period. It appears the Montana and the Minneapolis were both built using other manufacturer's parts & might be using this same engine. Might your engine be For Sale Or "How about a trade" PM me if interested--------Doug