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2" Henrici Hot Air Engine

Marv in Minn

2" power piston, 8" flywheels. plumbed in a copper water tank.
the engine has all of the original grease/oil cups.
one flywheel has a cast in round belt pulley.
i will be using a backpack camping burner.

Brent, what would be the best lubricant to use?
what would this size engine have been used to power?


Brent Rowell

Re: 2" Henrici

I use Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinder just because any excess won't burn in the bottom of the cylinder. Any other light oil will work like 3-in-1; lighter the better.

Smaller ones were sometimes used to power laboratory equipment but this size could possibly be used for small (jeweller's) lathes, dental equipment (ouch!), etc.


You need to come to our show next week take some pictures of A 70 HP hot air engine and post here Buster