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234 Holley vaporizer


I surprised the amount of Fordson tractors can’t find them around any more, even the 280 .


Do you need a 234 vaporizer? I think I have one.
Yes junk ,please check , I m intending to run with a carburetors but I would like to return it to Oem as possible. I have a taco governor, to .

No rush ,I’m recovering from hip surgery
Thank you have blessed day


Junkologist, This looks like a part of a carburetor that fits a Fordson, do you have any pictures of the innards of this part of the carb? Or do you have other carburetors like the Kingston 10 ball or the Regenerator for the Fordson?

I know this sounds like an odd request, but I'd like to see the actual parts rather than a Ford Parts layout, because layout parts aren't necessarily always the parts that in them (dealing with Model T has shown me that much).

Duey C

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I once saw a Fordson at an auction with a Tillotson snowmobile carb! It had been running on it apparently.
Interesting about the rarity of the Fordson Vaporizers.

Mart, if you are interested in more Holleys, I have one for a Twin City 17-28 with no Holley model number on the bench (waiting in line to be resurrected and modified slightly for hopefully a better idle) that's pretty nice and I'd rip it apart and take some pics for you. :) Duane
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Another EDIT: He's the real deal guys. If you have model T Fords also, you have probably seen his work. Fantastic.

I still make a lot of mistakes as I type but I'm glad I grabbed a screwdriver and popped out that silly Caps Lock button!
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