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25 Franklin Gas Engine - Parts Wanted


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We would like to make this engine run, from what we can see we are missing a lot. We are looking for the Magneto, Fuel Pump, Governor, and Lubricator, if anyone has any of these we would appreciate a call or e-mail. We are not sure of the model and are guessing on the HP, the ID tag is missing off of the engine. Vic Baker 7247879523 or typecoin@gmail.com.




Looks like you'll also need the crank and crosshead covers. I believe these engines are splash lubricated and need the covers to keep in the oil.

However, why do you think it needs a fuel pump? Isn't this a gas engine? You also don't need a governor for it to run, you can control the speed with the diamond valve.

Mechanical lubricators are fairly easy to find but costly. You can substitute regular drip oilers with check valves for the cylinder.

Of course it's better to have a complete engine, but i'm sure you'll enjoy it more if you can run it while you're looking for the proper parts.



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I can supply a mag bracket if U need one and likely have a spare OC mag around. Are the mag drive parts there? You can always rig up a buzz coil or even go with a hot tube. Bill Klein

David A.

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I have a franklin valve less flyball gov, works well, and I have an oc mag that's good. 870---584-eight one six o