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3 D printing font from M S Word ?

Stuart Landry

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Hello ,
Would like someone to explain the steps involved to make a 3 D printed
plaque, using the font / text from M S Word ,
The problem i would like help with is ,
How to turn a" MS word doc / file " into a program that can then be sliced to run the 3D printer ?
Thanks in advance ,


I'm not sure about going from Word to the 3D printer's program. At work we use 3D CAD program (Inventor 2017) and save it as an STL file. The printer's software (CURA) writes Gcode for us so the printer knows what to do. We upload the program on the printer itself and click the start button. As far as fonts, these CAD programs have the same font selection as Word. We printed a little tractor pulling a sleigh as a Christmas present for the boss last year. Our printer can print 11" long 8" wide 12" tall part.

Basically you need a 3D file format to write the Gcode for the printer.
Hope this helps.:confused: