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3 hp Lister Type J


Re: 3 hp Lister type J

Yes they would be screwed into the water jacket.

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Actually i think they may be a push fit into the water jacket and a clamp (not shown on your picture) presses down on them to keep them in place.

Rick Lockridge

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Re: 3 hp Lister type J

Well, this engine doesn't have the clamp if it ever had one. And I'm not sure how it would attach?

Scotty 2

Hello all
To be honest I haven't seen that setup on a J before. Anymore pictures of the engine and makers tag?
Usually blind head J's and L's have 2 cast iron flange looking things held down with 2 bolts for each flange. One flange having the spark plug screwed into it as far as I knew.
Very interesting.

Cheers Scott



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The "H" valve caps were similar at one time and because of their smaller size were retained by a strap held by one stud only instead of two.

Laoag City