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32 Volt Bulb Source

I've been playing around with my Delco system, trying to find the most efficient present day light bulbs available. I finally stumbled on to this website:


I ordered two of their 30 watt cool white LED "wide spread" voltage bulbs. According to the website, these will operate anywhere from 12vdc to 85vdc. They ain't cheap at $22 each, but at least the shipping is free! I emailed the company and requested information first and they responded with everything I asked for, along with the light output being equivalent to a 90 watt bulb when operating at 32 volts. Sold!

I received them yesterday and installed both bulbs in my two overhead shop fixtures, then waited for darkness. At nine o'clock I flipped the knife switch I have installed on the wall, and was completely astonished. I have NEVER seen a battery bulb so bright and so white. In fact, the bulbs themselves are almost hard to look at with the naked eye and are brighter than a 100 watt incandescent in my judgement. Try to imagine the brightest, whitest industrial lighting you've ever seen and you'll have an idea...almost a bright, cold, "antiseptic" light. In fact, I began to think I should have ordered the "warm white" version instead.......but the die is cast and I'll order two more for the other side of my shop. The color of everything in the shop......machine tools, bench, walls, etc. appear perfectly normal, just brightly lit.

Note: I have my Delco 850 set up in my shop with exhaust to the outside. However, I don't run it very often as I have a home built 32 volt trickle charger on four 8 volt golf car batteries. Using this setup, I keep my batteries constantly charged and only run the Delco for equalizing charges, about once a month.

Current consumption: This was the main reason for choosing LED's. I have several original clear 32 volt, 100 watt incandescent bulbs and used two of them at first. Nostalgia doncha' know. Although very bright, they put out a yellow light and drew over 6 amps. The LED's are a much better color and draw less than 1 1/2 amps! Life expectancy of the bulbs is 10,000 hours. Oh, according to the box they'll save you over 60 Yuan per year............:)

Please note about the company "Monster Bulbs": Although they list an address in Washington state, you are evidently dealing with a Chinese company. My bulbs were delayed in shipping due to the demonstrations at the Hong Kong airport, but otherwise arrived promptly and in good condition. You'll note that there are other options available on the website, so you don't HAVE to go overboard like I did. I wanted good shop lighting and brother, I got it! Anyway, I can recommend these as a viable light source with low current draw.

Edit: I am NOT a shill for the bulb company. Just found a good product for our hobby, that's all!
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Just an observation, but if your “100w 32v” filament bulbs are drawing “over 6 amps”, then they’re probably actually 200 watt bulbs. A 100w bulb should draw just over 3 amps at 32v.

Thanks for the link, BTW. work lights in enclosed industrial generators are often supplied by the 24v starting battery for the generator (usually a diesel unit), so these LED bulbs are a nice replacement. The 24v incandescent bulbs with the threaded medium base like a “regular” 120v bulb aren’t the easiest things to find.

You are correct, as I wasn't clear in my post. That figure was for TWO 100 watt incandescents. The lower amperage was for two of these LED units. At the time of my post I only had two ceiling fixtures wired up.